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Radchenko, Vladimir
Дядя Володя, я тебя помню и буду помнить всегда!
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author Елена

Ipatova, Elena
Мы познакомились с Леночкой, когда нам было по 6 лет. Она тогда приехала к бабушке в Онегу вместе с братом Серёжей. С т...
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author Надежда

Rozgon, Svetlana
Я твой партнер по спектаклю «Эй, кто-нибудь!». Вместе играли в Волоколамском ДК. Вместе репетировали и вживались в роль…...
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author Дмитрий

Kurbatova, Christina
Такие красивые, такие молодые,навсегда. Меня ещё не было,когда произошла эта трагедия. Помню,мама,рассказывала,её однокл...
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author Катя

Chernykh, Dmitry
Черных Дмитрий
Я познакомился с Дмитрием в 1980 году перед поступлением в институт в Туле. После поступления мы жили на квартирах по ра...
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author Соловьев Игорь

Our Anya
Written by Олег Хлебников   
Четверг, 07 Октябрь 2010

ImageOne of Russia's worst days

October 7th, 2006 was a clear, almost warm Saturday afternoon. For a worker from Novaya Gazeta, it was a day of getting the Monday edition ready. So it was that I was conducting this and keeping a column free at Anya's request, material about torture in Chechnya. Anya was always precise and obligatory, and if for some objective reason she was late on an article, she always called. But on that day…

Lunchtime came and went, then it was 4:05 pm and still no text message or call to the office. I then called. It rang a long time. But how they seem alarmingly short when people are just busy! But I had a soothing thought: maybe Anya was still at the hospital with her mother (we knew she was going to go there) and just had just turned the ringer off to avoid being disturbed.

If only our lives were subject to normal, human logic!

And then the terrible news — such news gets broadcast instantaneously. And somehow you just know it, when it is the truth.

At 4:04 pm Anya was no more.

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What do we know about Anna Politkovskaya?
Written by Полина Мякинченко   
Среда, 02 Июнь 2010
ImageOn May 28th, 2010, the House of Journalists in the capital hosted a discussion of the topic: “What do we know about Anna Politkovskaya?” The International League of Young Journalists organized the discussion with the support of the Union of Russian Journalists. It turns out that we know very little, and we do not have a desire, and are unlikely ever to have a desire, to explore her works. The meeting, however, was able to discuss whether journalists were able to change the nation. Twelve people came to hear about Anna, and they learned about her from people who knew her: ‘Novaya Gazeta’ staff commentator Vyacheslav Izmailov, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ deputy editor Vitaly Yaroshevsky, and Vitaly Chelyshev, deputy editor of ‘Journalist’ magazine.

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Rally in memory of Anna Politkovskaya held in Moscow
Written by Lenta.ru   
Среда, 07 Октябрь 2009

1Near the Alexander Griboyedov statue by the Chistye Prudy metro station in Moscow, a rally was held in memory of journalist Anna Politkovskaya. This was reported on October 7th by the news agency ‘Interfax’.

The rally began at 4:03 pm with a moment of silence — it was on this time on October 7th, 2006, that the killer shot Politkovskaya.

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The Politkovskaya Case: Reloaded
Written by Андрей РЯБЦЕВ • КП   
Четверг, 25 Июнь 2009
Новое рассмотрение дела об убийстве Анны Политковской, скорее всего, начнется уже в июле
Новое рассмотрение дела об убийстве Анны Политковской, скорее всего, начнется уже в июле
Фото: Владимир ВЕЛЕНГУРИН

One of the most sensational cases in recent times, the murder of opposition journalist Anna Politkovskaya, is to be reexamined.

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation had overturned sentences related to the case for two Chechen natives, Jabrail and Ibrahim Makhmudov, as well as for FSB officer Pavel Ryaguzov and former Moscow city major crimes operative Sergey Khajikurbanov.

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A verdict on the entire system
Written by Илья Донских   
Пятница, 20 Февраль 2009
Слева-направо: Вера и Илья Политковские, адвокат Каринна Москаленко, шеф-редактор «Новой газеты» Сергей Соколов, адвокат Анна Ставицкая, модератор пресс-конференции - директор информационного центра Андрей Новиков
The jury verdict in the Anna Politkovskaya murder trial finds a complete failure on the part of Russian law enforcement.
We are publishing a transcript of the press conference held on February 19th, inside the offices of ‘Interfax’. You can learn about a small part of it from programs on the main Russian television channels. What follows are the harshest and most important statements made by attorneys Karinna Moskalenko and Anna Stavitskaya, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ editor-in-chief Sergei Sokolov, and Ilya Politkovsky, son of Anna Politkovskaya.
Attorney for the prosecution (sic: attorney for the victim — SG) Karinna Moskalenko first took the floor:

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