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Terrorist attack at Domodedovo: lamentable conclusions
Written by InoPressa   
Пятница, 28 Январь 2011
Russians are starting to notice an obvious fact: during the “national leader’s” 11 years in power, the situation in the North Caucasus is still not settled, and because of this the threat of further bombings is absolutely real. Neither Medvedev nor Putin is interested in criticizing their system for not preventing terrorist attacks, but terrorist attacks are not natural disasters. Perhaps the real disaster for Russian citizens is their own notorious chain of command?
In an editorial in ‘The Washington Post’, titled “Why Russia cannot stop the terrorists,” the publication guesses firstly that the Russian secret services, in contrast to European and North American ones, have failed to develop methods to identify terrorist networks, prevent attacks, and protect public places such as airports and subways.
Secondly, the autocratic form of Putin’s government, and his imperialist policy against non-Russian peoples, does not allow for the resolution of root problems, which are the basis for the majority of terrorist attacks. The problem is the troubled mood in the predominantly Muslim North Caucasus republics. The harsh responses of the Russian authorities only stimulate an increase in Muslim extremist organizations. All this is particularly disturbing, because the Winter Olympics in 2014 will be held in Sochi. In endorsing Russia’s bid for the Olympics, the IOC has acted unreasonably, believes the American publication.
The German ‘Frankfurter Rundschau’ published an interview with a Russian expert in the field of security and intelligence services, journalist Andrei Soldatov, in which he discusses why the Kremlin is sparing the security services after the recent terrorist attack.
Commenting on Medvedev’s decision to dismiss the chief of the central federal district head at the Interior Ministry transportation directorate after the bombing at Domodedovo, and his tough criticism of airport management, Soldatov said that neither Medvedev nor Putin is interested in criticizing the system for not preventing terrorist attacks. They are deliberately distracting the public. Do not forget that it was Medvedev who in 2008 abolished the department at the Interior Ministry responsible for the fight against terrorism. He sacked his employees in the struggle against ‘extremism’, even though more people are killed as a result of terrorist attacks than in street demonstrations.
“Strangely, no one says that the security services have demonstrated their inadequacy,” continues Soldatov. “Medvedev after the attack called the Prosecutor General and the head of the Investigative Committee onto the carpet, but not the head of the FSB. This demonstrates his desire to pass off the attack at Domodedovo as some sort of natural disaster that occurred by happenstance.” From the Kremlin’s perspective, the FSB must ensure political stability more than it has previously done, since “suicide bombers do not threaten political stability, and terrorist attacks are only a tragedy for the common people,” says the analyst.
“Until now terrorism has served the purposes of Vladimir Putin and his clan,” writes columnist Vincent Jover at ‘Le Nouvel Observateur’. “Eleven years ago the bombings of two apartment houses in Moscow brought an undistinguished KGB colonel to the Kremlin. In 2004, hostage taking in Beslan allowed the president to begin construction of a ‘vertical power structure’ and to consolidate his power over the entire country. This time, however, the crisis may turn against him.”
“The Russians are starting to notice an obvious fact: after eleven years in power ‘the national leader’ has not brought peace to the North Caucasus, but on the contrary,” writes Jover. “His failure is evident, but that is not all. Since last summer, Putin’s government has repeatedly demonstrated its failure.” In August, it was unable to extinguish forest fires, in the fall the police could not deal with Spartak soccer fans, in December the union of the authorities with criminal gangs was exposed, and before the New Year thousands of passengers were stranded in Moscow airports.
“Vertical power is a disaster, and Russians are each day aware of this more and more clearly,” Jover summarizes.
“The police are looking for the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack on Domodedovo airport,” reports ABC with links to the Russian publication ‘Kommersant’. “Russian citizen Razdobudko, head of the radical group ‘The Nogai Battalion’, based in the Stavropol region bordering the North Caucasian republics.”
“On Wednesday Vladimir Putin said that Chechnya has nothing to do with the bombing in Domodedovo, but he said nothing about other North Caucasus republics, where terrorist activity has recently been much more active than in Chechnya,” continued the ABC reporter. At the same time, Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky believes that “the attack will be used in corporate wars between Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports.”
“On December 31st, in a cottage at a questionable motel on the outskirts of Moscow, a powerful bomb went off,” writes Time correspondent Simon Schuster. “It killed one person — an elderly Chechen woman, who the motel staff described as ugly and surly. Three of her companions disappeared, but could it be that the missing accomplices regrouped and put together a much larger bomb that exploded at Domodedovo on January 24th?” asks the reporter.
At the moment, Russian officials categorically deny they had advance information about plans for the bombing of the airport, and on January 26th Putin said that the investigation did not reveal a Chechen connection. Apparently, however, the conspirators were able to continue their work, even though they had given themselves away by the first explosion.
According to reports in the Russian press, the deceased was the widow of slain radical Islamist Temerlan Hajiyev, leader of the terrorist organization ‘Nogai Jamaat’. Her companion Suyunova is the wife of Anverbek Amangajiev of the same organization, but now in a Moscow jail awaiting trial on charges of terrorism.
Questioned by the magazine as to why an investigation into the explosion at the motel cottage did not lead to the arrest of the alleged organizers prior to their attack on Domodedovo, Aslambek Aslakhanov, president of the association of law enforcement officers of Russia, stated: “Announce results and beat the drum about it? The security services do not work that way, not in Russia, nor in the rest of the world.”
In ‘InoPressa.ru’ (site for reprinting articles appearing in the foreign press about Russia), January 28th, 2011

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