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Domodedovo terror trial will be closed

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Deed. Konstantin Vasilyev's heartfelt impulse
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, 02 2016

TV channel Zvezda aired a program on April 22nd, 2016, titled Deed. Itwas dedicated to stories of caring people who conquered their normal survival impulses and voluntarily entered the terrorist-held auditorium on Dubrovka.

On October 23, 2002terrorists seized the Dubrovka theatrical center in Moscow. 912people were taken hostage, including 100children. Forthree days the security forces prepared an assault, but ordinary people were also trying to assist the hostages in some way. Officer Konstantin Vasilyev also was unable to stay away. Hevoluntarily went to the militants and offered up his life in exchange for the lives of children

From TV channel Zvezda's broadcast:

Is just anyone capable of risking themselves in order to save others or to challenge injustice? Theheroes of this program were born to change life, to make it better. Onthe talk show Deed we will tell you about people who just could not walk on by.

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