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Памяти Сергея Карпова
Наш дорогой Сергей
Наш дорогой Сергей, Ты оставил нас, став жертвой пандемии Ковида 19, почти в ту самую дату, когда мы планируем собрат...
09/10/20 19:13 more...
author Kristian Maton - Robert Prospe

Памяти Сергея Карпова
Памяти Сергея Карпова
Светлая память замечательному человеку. Царствие Небесное. Не смогу сказать без слез нас обьединило огромное горе 18 лет...
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author Екатерина

Памяти Сергея Карпова
Отпевание Сергея Карпова состоится 8-го октября в Храме на Дубровке в 11-30
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author Светлана Губарева

Памяти Сергея Карпова
Памяти Сергея Карпова
10/10/20 15:29 more...
author Ирина Халай

Shifrina, Anna
Как тепло написано о маме, друге, коллеге, учителе. Я по вашим воспоминаниям, представляю воочию, какой она была! Собо...
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author Ольга

Foreign nonprofits accuse FSB head of foul play
Written by Лента.ру   
Вторник, 08 Апрель 2008
Николай Патрушев. Кадр телеканала Representatives of foreign nonprofit organizations (NPOs) demanded that the head of the FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, present evidence of their alleged links to international terrorists, reported 'Interfax'. At a meeting of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee, Patrushev said that some foreign NPOs provide information support to terrorists, and called for a fight against the ideology of terrorism.

Alexander Petrov, the adviser on Russia and the CIS to the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch, called the FSB chief’s statement ‘foul play’. “Any such references to foreign NGOs (non-governmental organizations) harm the reputation of NGOs, and all this puts them in a very negative light in the minds of the public. Let the FSB be more specific,” explained the adviser.
Igor Chestin, the director of the Russian branch of the World Wildlife Fund, supported Petrov and called the allegations of links between nonprofits and terrorists absolutely irresponsible and unsubstantiated. He recalled the law on nonprofits that was adopted two years ago in Russia that led to the closing of several thousand NPOs.

Chestin stressed that none of these organizations was closed for subversion. They only had to cease operations due to complex bureaucratic procedures.

officially uses the legal term ‘non-profit organization’ or NPO, while organizations also describe themselves as NGOs or non-governmental organizations, which is more common in English.

In Russia the NGO designation legally corresponds to the term ‘public association’. A public association is considered a type of nonprofit organization, along with religious organizations, political parties, user-cooperatives, state corporations, and others.

In Russia there is no single list of organizational forms for nonprofit organizations allowed to operate in Russian territory: federal laws concerning public associations, nonprofit organizations, and other legislation regulate their activities.

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