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Civil activists storm barricaded human rights office
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, 10 2008

That night at 11:30pm, raiders burst into the office of Lev Ponomarev’s movement, ‘For Human Rights’ (FHR). Theyentered by removing the emergency exit door from a nearby stairwell, and then occupied the second floor. Theraiders blocked the stairs with pieces of tin roofing, sacks of cement, concrete slabs, and iron rails (!).
The office's new ‘owners’ showed no ownership documents, but despite this the police did not interfere. Eventhough it was already late, around 20activists from various social and political organizations came together to stop the lawlessness.

Last night Suren Yedigarov from the United Civil Front heroically distinguished himself. Heclimbed a drainpipe to the second floor and after overcoming resistance from the raiders he began to take apart the obstruction the bandits had built on the stairs. Heexplained his actions by saying: “They should know they can’t do this to us!”
The hijackers then chose to retire, and the obstruction between the first and second floors was dismantled. Weused the remaining rubble to block the emergency exit and prevent a repeat of the assault by the raiders.
Sergey Davidis:
On the evening of April 9th there was an attempt to seize the office of the Lev Ponomarev’s ‘For Human Rights’ (FHR) movement, located on Maly Kislovsky Lane, or to be more precise, on the second floor of premises occupied by the Center for International Protection, headed by well-known lawyer Karina Moskalenko.

A cry for help from the freedom-loving masses led to 20persons, including myself, to the FHR office.

Iwill share my information, photos and impressions.

Igot to the scene about a 1am. Bythis time the police, called by the FHR, had already arrived. Citizens, who had come in support, thronged by the entrance to theFHR.

There was Lev Ponomarev himself, a representative of the invaders (the big guy in the gray suit) and a pair of police officers.

The police offered to go upstairs with one representative from each side. Thiswasdone.

The support group remained on the street. Onthe other side of the alley assembled citizens who had apparently arrived to support the invaders.

Right at this time Suren Yedigerov fearlessly climbed a drainpipe, and then entered through a window of the captured second floor. Iwas only able to get a picture of his rearend.

In less than five minutes we were called inside. Itturned out that the aggressors had blocked the staircase leading to the second floor with corrugated iron sheets with heavy weights on top. Theyneeded some physical strength to clear theway.

Enemies also broke the stairrail.

While representatives of civil society, led by Michael Krieger, pushed at the barrier from below, up on top Suren cleared assorted debris.
Waiting for the way to be cleared, Karina Moskalenko reported by phone to the world that the raider attacks had occurred right on the eve of her filing another procedural document at the European Court of Human Rights.

By our joint efforts the path was gradually cleared.

And we streamed upstairs.

On the second floor with Suren was attorney Svetlana Davydova. Shewas in the room at the time of capture, and was virtually a hostage of the invaders. Fromher we managed to learn the details of what happened.

As it turned out, the invaders entered through the back, sawing through an iron door leading to the landing (a separate entrance to the FHR).
According to L.Ponomarev, the premises were at one time apartments, but they had been reclassified from residential to non-residential.

The raiders who broke in rudely demanded that S.Davydova vacate the premises, and then blocked the passage from the first floor of the FHR. Theycategorically refused to produce identification or ownership documents to the premises.

Arriving a good half hour after being called, law enforcement officers at first attempted to convince Davydova to leave the premises by alleging that L.Ponomarev was waiting for her out in the street. Convinced that he would need at least another 20minutes to get to the office, attorney Davydova refused.

Arriving at last with Ponomarev, the policemen checked the invaders’ identification. Davydova managed to make some copies. Theaggressors would not show any legal documents to the premises, and would only say they were acting on behalf of and at the request of someone who had allegedly bought the premises. Convinced, apparently, that their quiet seizure had failed, the invaders withdrew unhindered the same way they hadcome.

They did not go far, however, because after we had walked through the entire premises and exited through the cut-down door, we ran into their leader, who is named Alexei.

Once again he talked about acting in someone’s interests, but he would not agree to say his own name, or that of the alleged owner. Norwould he explain why, instead of getting a lawful court order to evict illegal occupants from premises that they considered to be their own, they had to resort to such an extravagant way of establishing control over it.

Since the metal door to the room had been cut, we had to reinforce the remaining woodendoor.

We were helped a lot by using things the hijackers had used to erection the barrier between the first and second floors.

The hero of the erection of the barricade was once againSuren.

By this time the television cameras had arrived, Ren-TV and someoneelse.

Today we won. Whatwill happen tomorrow?


“While these declare themselves to be the owners." A jowly man in gray controls all of them. Hisname, if he is not lying, is Alexei.

Once again he talked about acting in someone’s interests, but he would not agree to say his own name, or that of the alleged owner. Norwould he explain why, instead of getting a lawful court order to evict illegal occupants from premises that they considered to be their own, they had to resort to such an extravagant way of establishing control over it.”

‘Alexei, Little Alec my son’
He failed to capture the spies' nest.
Our little thief did not earn his pay,
This unsuccessful messenger of illwill.

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