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Victims of terrorist attack on Dubrovka
I am a newspaper reporter and am seeking information about the Nord-Ost aftermath. Is it possible for someone with this ...
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'Nord-Ost' at 11years
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, 21 2013

Today is a sad anniversary. Eleven years ago, on October 23rd, 2002, Chechen militants stormed and took hostage the theater on Dubrovka in Moscow.

The up-to-date, newly remodeled, and beautifully furnished building was hosting the musical 'Nord-Ost'. Gathered here was not a poor crowd the hall was full of nice suits and dresses, the scent of costly perfume, and the warble of pricey mobile phones.

In short, located here at ground zero were not the marginal members of society, but mainly representatives of the middle class that could spend a few hundred a lot more money back then than nowadays to go see this cultural project. Perhaps arguably cultural, since not one of the songs from the musical was even at least a seasonal hit, even after the tragedy.

The audience was probably about as happy as those not so poor people that bought tickets for the Titanic back in theday.

'Nord-Ost', meaning a nor'easter or northeast wind, turn out to be icy, and chilled all the way to the bone. Theglamorous spectacle became a true hell on earth. Paleactors, in the remnants of their makeup, climbed down from windows and told reporters what was going on. Whatthey said, of course, was confused, and confusing, which intensified the nightmarish atmosphere.

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September 16th Day of Remembrance for the victims
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, 16 2013

September 16th Day of Remembrance for the victims of the terrorist act in Volgodonsk

ImageToday at 5:40 in the morning in the V-U quarter there began an event dedicated to the victims of the 1999terrorist attack. Showing up first at the site of the tragedy, today as well as on that terrible day 14years ago, were rescuers and firefighters, medical workers, law enforcement officers, representatives from the city, and relatives of the victims.

On September 16th, 1999, at 5:57 AM a vehicle packed with explosives equivalent to two tons of TNT blewup.

By its degree of damage, the attack at building number 35on the Oktyabrskoe highway in the city of Volgodonsk is still considered the largest in Russia: damaged were 39houses, a police station, two schools, a kindergarten, and a library. About 16,000 inhabitants (including a 1000children) are officially recognized as victims. 19Volgodonsk residents were killed, and 73people became permanently disabled.

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Beslan. Thememory is more terrible than forgetfulness
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, 05 2013

On September 3rd, during the ninth anniversary of the tragic events in Beslan, an exhibition opened in the Arts Center on Michurin Street. This“upside down” exhibition was devised by a Samara artist named Frol Jolly, who became both curator of the project and one of its authors.


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Sorrowful lessons from The City of Angels
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, 31 2013

Knowledge Day in Russia has always been one of the most joyous of celebrations, but nine years ago the Beslan tragedy made the first of September a regular time of remembrance and mourning. ‘Kultura’ today visits Beslan and tries to find out whether or not the wound has finally healed, and what conclusions can been drawn from those terrible events.

ImageSeptember 1st, 2004, started out pretty much the same in every city in Russia: boys carrying flowers, little girls in bows, and the song “They are taught in school” coming from the loudspeakers. Inthe North Ossetia city of Beslan, that particular Knowledge Day and its aftermath became a kind of hell onearth.

The road from the Vladikavkaz airport to the capital city of North Ossetia passes right by “The City of Angels”. Manypeople stop: some for a quiet prayer, some to place a porcelain angel figurine specially purchased for this cemetery of victims of the terrorist attack on Beslan School #1. There are 266individual graves, the absolute majority of which are children’s, and one mass grave for the many unidentified body parts found after the appalling slaughter. Theyall bear the same date of death: September 3rd, 2004.

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People have learned to live with the pain
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, 30 2013

Nine years ago terrorists seized a school in the North Ossetian town of Beslan. Thehostages were held for three days. Nineyears later, Susanna Dudiyeva, leader of the 'Mothers of Beslan' public organization, spoke with 'Vlasti' correspondent Zaur Farniyev on how the former hostages and their relatives have been living these years, and why they continue to believe that the truth is being hidden from them.

Image'Vlasti': The investigation into the Beslan terrorist attack continues. Whathas changed? Doyou have any hope that it will end soon?

Susanna Dudiyeva: They have even stopped notifying us, the victims, of extensions to the investigation. Personally, for the last year Ihave not received a single letter about the investigation being extended, which was the case during the previous eight years. During this same year, neither my friends nor Ihave received a single summons to see the prosecutor, nor have we gotten any answers to the questions we asked. Iam to understand that the investigation is at a standstill. There is complete silence. Ithink that the investigation team is called the investigation of the Beslan terrorist act, but it has apparently been busy with any and all the other chores and errands.

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