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New terrorist attack in Volgograd
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, 29 2013

New terrorist attack in Volgograd: 15killed in blast at railway station

ImageEmergency Situation message was received on Sunday, December 29th (2013). At12:45 pm a blast occurred inside the train station building in Volgograd. Theexplosion took place while someone was passing through a turnstile at the entrance. Theblast was so strong that all windows on the first and second floor were completely smashed.

Inside the train station at the time was a huge number of people Volgograd residents traveling on New Year's Eve some as guests, others heading home. There were additional crowds because several trains were delayed.

According to recent reports, 15people were killed and 27injured. Allemergency services are working on-site, and there are dozens of ambulances. Nochildren are among the dead, but a 9-year-old girl is severely injured. Police officer Dmitry Makovkin was killed. Theyare saying that he stepped toward the suicide bomber when she tried to run inside.

“The barriers installed at the station prevented the terrorist from entering the waiting area,” said Vladimir Markin of the Investigative Committee of Russia (SKR). “This prevented many more casualties.”

According to preliminary data, another three policemen and security guards were injured. Oneof these was in intensive care in serious condition. Allwere working in the vicinity of the metal detectors, near where the explosion occurred.

“The explosion has been classified as a terrorist act,” reported the Interior Ministry.

According to the National Anti-terrorism Committee (NAK), a female suicide bomber detonated the explosives. According to Vladimir Markin, official representative of the SKR, a criminal case has been initiated under the laws governing “acts of terrorism”.

“The explosion was on the ground floor,” recounted an eyewitness. “Two shockwaves knocked out glass in both directions. Athird shockwave traveled upstairs and damaged some of the railway station structure.”

“People were scattered all over the first floor of the terminal,” said one kiosk operator. “Many couldn’t get up, and were shouting and begging for help.”

All entrances and exits to the railroad terminal building have been closed. According to the NAK, there is an emergency situation inplace.

Ministry of Health representative Oleg Salagai reports that 33ambulance units are working on-site. People mainly suffered traumatic injuries particular to explosions.

The suicide bomber set off the bomb immediately upon entering the building, but before the turnstiles. Casualties could have been muchworse.

Psychologists from the Russian Emergencies Ministry (MChS) are working on-site. Their hotlines in Volgograd are (8442)23-03-18, 23-02-82, and 23-07-73.

The hotline for information on deaths and injuries is 8-800-775-17-17.

In the near future an MChS IL-76 with medical professionals on board will fly from Moscow to Volgograd. Uponarrival, the specialists will determine the extent of injuries suffered and decide who should be evacuated to the capital.

The Russian Railways Company (RZhD) reported that there would be no cancellations or delays of the trains. Railmovement has not been stopped.

“The decision was made to pay all bereaved families one million rubles, regardless of whether or not they live in Volgograd,” commented Volgograd regional governor Sergei Bozhenov very recently. “All those injured will be paid 200thousand rubles by tomorrow. Wewill be taking care of all funeral expenses.” January 1st through the 3rd will be days of mourning in the Volgograd.

Meanwhile, the SKR has confirmed that a female suicide bomber committed bombing. Theexplosive power has been preliminarily estimated to be at least 10kilograms of TNT, and it was stuffed with shrapnel.


Policeman died trying cover the suicide bomber with his ownbody

The explosion took place the moment the suicide bomber tried to pass through a metal detector.

“She suddenly rushed inside,” said our source. “But police officer Mikhail Makov (sic) ran over to her, and, it turned out, covered her. Butthe explosion was huge windows were blown out on two floors. Mikhail died, but his colleagues were only wounded. They’re in the hospital.”

Recall another large terrorist attack that occurred previously in Volgograd, on October 21st, when bus number 29in the Krasnoarmeysky district of Volgograd was blown up. Suicide bomber Naida Asiyalova set off an explosive device packed with woodscrews. Hercommon-law husband, a 21-year-old native of the Moscow region named Dmitry Sokolov, put the bomb together. Asiyalova and Sokolov met in a Moscow mosque. Thesuicide bomber was traveling by bus from Makhachkala (Dagestan) to Moscow, but exited the bus for unknown reasons near the Volgograd Police Academy about an hour before the attack. Asa result of Asilova's attack, 6people were killed, not counting the bomber, and more than 50injured.

Sokolov was killed in Makhachkala on November 16th during the course of a security operation.

For now security forces will not commenting on whether or not the two terrorist attacks are connected. Perhaps after the failure of the first bombing according to her associates, at the time the suicide bomber could not find a crowded place the terrorists decided on a repeat for the New Year at the railway station. Atthis time of year there would be huge numbers of passengers.

In ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’

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