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Sidorenkov, Yuriy
Written by Светлана   
Вторник, 29 Июль 2008
 Age 29; Russia, Moscow.
Left behind a wife and five-year-old son. 

After 15 years of effort, Yuri’s parents were rewarded with a loving son, who was to be their only child.  He was born in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Zelenodolsk, the “city of electrical engineers”, on May 4th, 1973. 

“Yura” grew up humble, sincerely, and friendly boy.  Since early childhood he was surrounded by friends.  Like all children, he went to kindergarten and school.

In 1989 he moved to Moscow, where he finished 11th grade and entered the Moscow Institute of Electrical Engineering, graduating in 1996.  He worked for Mosehnergo at Transformer Station #26. He quickly rose through the professional ranks, gaining the respect and authority of his friends and colleagues.

While in college, he met his first and only love, Svetlana, whom he affectionately called “Solnyshko” (Sunny).  He loved her very much, and was true to her even unto the last minutes of his life.  When ‘Yura’ understood that gas was being used, he removed his sweater and covered his wife’s face with it, saving her from certain death.  Svetlana survived.

His life had everything: love, confidence, hope, movement towards a goal, and success, but at age 29 everything was lost in an instant.  Only love remained, as well as the light and warmth of his soul.

You are far from us now,

But even now in the still of the night,

Shining like a bright star

The light of your Soul gives us a kind light!

… After the hostages were released, his friends, loved ones, and colleagues from work long and carefully searched for Yuri at the Moscow hospitals and morgues, knocking at every door.  They did not find him among the living or the dead.  The found Yuri after ten days of searching, a “John Doe” at Moscow city hospital #70.

We buried him on November 8th, 2002, in the Archangel Nikolai cemetery.  He was buried alongside five other comrades in misfortune who also perished at “Nord-Ost”.

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1. Written by Светлана Губарева website, on 01-08-2008 17:01
Петр Сидоренков, потерявший в театральном центре сына Юрия, намерен взыскать со столичных властей 500 тысяч долларов в качестве компенсации вреда, причиненного смертью кормильца. «29-летний Юрий Сидоренков отправился смотреть мюзикл «Норд-Ост» вместе со своей женой. Как она потом рассказывала, когда начали пускать газ, муж закутал ее свитером. Женщина выжила, а ее муж, который воспользовался только носовым платком, погиб», — рассказал адвокат ГАЗЕТЕ.

По словам адвоката, отец погибшего в течение нескольких дней не мог найти сына ни среди живых, ни среди мертвых. И обнаружил его тело только после того, как объехал все морги. Впрочем, о том, что свекр обратится в суд, вдова Юрия Сидоренкова Светлана узнала только от корреспондента ГАЗЕТЫ: «Мы перезваниваемся с Петром Ильичом, но он не сказал мне, что сделал это. Даже если адвокат выиграет дело, Юру все равно не вернешь, поэтому я не собираюсь ни с кем судиться, нервы мотать. Если можно было бы деньгами поправить дело, я бы квартиру продала… Я отдала Петру Ильичу всю до копеечки компенсацию в размере 100 тысяч рублей, которая полагается семьям погибших после штурма на Дубровке, — мне как бывшей заложнице выплатили 50 тысяч. Я получила все, что мне полагалось, а чужого мне не надо». По словам Светланы, они с Юрием жили вместе с ее родителями: «Муж часто ездил к отцу, помогал ему».

дайджест публикаций центральной прессы от 26 ноября 2002,
подготовленный Информационным центром правозащитного движения

Peter Sidorenkov, who lost his son Yuri at the theatrical center, intends to sue the city government for 500 thousand dollars in damages due to the death of a breadwinner. “29 year-old Yuri Sidorenkov went to the musical ‘Nord-Ost’ together with his wife. As she later stated, when they started to use the gas, her husband wrapped her up in his sweater. She survived, but her husband, who was only using a handkerchief, died,” Sidorenkov’s lawyer reported to Gazeta.
According to the lawyer, over the course of several days the deceased man’s father could not find his son among the living or the dead. He only found the body after going to all the morgues (in Moscow). Yuri’s widow found out that her father-in-law was going to court only after she was told by a correspondent from Gazeta: “We called up Pyotr Ilych, but he never told me that he was doing this. Even if the lawyer wins the case it won’t bring back Yuri and so I don’t plan on suing anyone and ruining my nerves. If money could solve the matter I’d even sell the apartment… I gave Pyotr Ilych all the money from Yuri’s compensation, 100 thousand rubles ($4000), down to the last kopeck, the money that families of the dead were given after the assault on Dubrovka. I got 50 thousand rubles ($2000) for being a hostage. I got everything that I was to get, and I didn’t want anyone else’s.” In Svetlana’s words, her husband and her lived with her parents relatives, but Yuri: “often went over to his father’s and helped him out.”

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