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Elmuradova, Irina
Written by Семья Эльмурадовых   
Вторник, 03 Февраль 2009
Age 45; Russia, Lobnya

1Irina Fyodorovna Elmuradova was born on December 9th, 1956, in the village of Nekrasovsky in the Dmitrovsky region of the Moscow district.  She graduated from high school in 1974 and entered the N. E. Bauman technical institute in Moscow.  She graduated from there in 1980 with a degree in hydro-pneumatics and hydraulic lines.  In April of 1979 she married Ruiddin Dilmuradovich Elmuradov.  In 1980 their son Alisher was born, and in 1992 their second son Ilyaz.

In 1981 Irina was assigned as an engineer at the state civil aviation scientific research institute.  She worked there until 1997.

In January of 1998 she went to work at Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Inc.

This tragedy cut short the life of a remarkable, beautiful woman, and mother of two children.  She was known as an excellent person, a competent specialist, and a loyal and reliable comrade.

Oldest son Alisher’s story:

Mom was a surprising person, her vital energy sufficed for family, work, and friends.  She was always erect, beautiful, in good spirits, and ready to help anyone.  She was an excellent homemaker, a charming woman, the best of mothers, and a devoted wife. There are three men in our family – father, my little brother, and I, and she always found common ground with us.  She found time for each of us, and was a supportive and reliable friend.

She loved the theater and traveling very much.  She attended all premiers and traveled around almost the entire world.

Besides family she also had work, where she was valued, honored, and loved.  It has already been six years and on the day of her death her grave is covered with flowers not just from her relatives, but her colleagues as well.

I got married not long before the tragedy.  In 2005 I had a son, the grandson that she was never able to see.

Her death has made our family orphans.  We lost someone who was our most loved and dear of people.

Written by the Elmuradov family.

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1. из газеты «Московский комсомолец»
Written by Александр Мельман, Владислав С, on 07-02-2009 04:11
Вчера [28.10.2002] «МК» писал, что родные и близкие супругов Эльмурадовых из подмосковной Лобни нашли главу семейства Руиддина в институте Склифосовского: его показали в сюжете с Путиным. О его же супруге Ирине не было никаких вестей, и родственники самоотверженно продолжали ее поиски. В воскресенье днем они приехали в штаб, расположенный в спортзале ПТУ на Мельникова. Пробыли там четыре часа. Потом им вынесли список из шестидесяти человек, которые уже пришли в себя в разных больницах и дали свои данные. Среди живых Ирины не было, но надежда, что она жива, не покидала никого. К тому же в штабе пообещали принести еще один, свежий список живых из 32 человек. Тем временем друзья Эльмурадовых разделились на группы и стали объезжать все морги, указанные в штабных списках. Около семи часов вечера в морге 70-й больницы на Федеративном проспекте Ирина Эльмурадова была найдена среди погибших. Вчера ее опознал старший сын Алишер.
Близкие и родные отзываются об Ирине чрезвычайно тепло: это была жизнерадостная отзывчивая заботливая мать двоих сыновей и примерная жена. С Рудиком, так на русский лад перекроили друзья узбекское имя главы семейства, они познакомились еще в студенческие годы и с тех пор жили душа в душу. Руиддин долго добивался Ирины и даже пошел наперекор желанию родителей, хотевших, чтобы супруга была одной с ним национальности. Театр был ее главным увлечением, она вместе с мужем нередко посещала новые постановки и посчитала своим долгом сходить на «Норд-Ост». Подруги так и прозвали ее — Ирка-театралка. Придя в себя в больнице, Руиддин первым делом спросил друзей и врачей, где жена. Но никто ничего о ней не знал. Муж заплакал…

Yesterday ‘MK’ wrote that the relatives and loved ones of the Elmuradovs had found Ruiddin at the Sklifosovsky Institute: he was filmed alongside President Putin. There was no news about his wife Irina, and their dedicated relatives continued their search. On Sunday morning they went to the headquarters located in the gymnasium at PTU on Melnikov. They were there for 3 hours. Later they were given a list of 16 persons who had come to in various hospitals, and were finally able to give authorities their names. Irina was not among the living, but the hope that she was still alive left no one. At the headquarters, they had been promised another list, more up to date, containing 32 names. At the same time the Elmuradovs’ friends separated into smaller groups and began to visit all the morgues listed on the documents from the headquarters. At about 7 at night yesterday, in the morgue of Hospital #70 on Federation Prospect, Irina Elmuradova was located among the dead. Yesterday her oldest son Alisher identified her.
Irina’s relatives and loved ones all say that she was extraordinarily warm. She was the cheerful, sympathetic, and caring mother of two sons, as well as an exemplary wife. She met ‘Rudik’, as their Russian friends called her Uzbek husband, back when they were university students, and still lived in perfect harmony. Ruiddin courted Irina for a long time, and even went against the wishes of his parents, who wished him to marry someone of his own nationality. The theater was their main entertainment, and she and her husband frequented the new shows, and considered their duty to go see ‘Nord-Ost’. Her girlfriends called her ‘Irka-Theatrical’. When Ruiddin came to in the hospital, his first words to the doctors and his friends were to ask about his wife. No one knew anything, and the husband burst into tears…

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