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Predova-Uzunova, Emilia
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, 28 2008

Age 43, Austria, Vienna.

1Emilia Predova-Uzunova, an Austrian citizen of Bulgarian ancestry, came to Moscow for the 9th International Perfumes and Cosmetics Exhibition, Intercharm 2002. She went to the musical with a former teacher. She leaves behind two daughters, ages 12and 16.

A person who departs from life still lives in the memories of loved ones, friends, and colleagues. The more of these that there are, than the more he or she yet lives. EMMA had an enormous collection of these throughout many countries of the world.

From the very beginning of our acquaintanceship, she was the personification and embodiment of an inextinguishable love of life and of all those around her. She had a vital fervor, and enormous faith in a bright future and everything good in life.

My heart is broken and my subconscious still refuses to acknowledge or believe that EMMA is no longer among us. This volcano of life, this bright, sunny, ever smiling person, who was full of energy, fire and fervor, who was ready to come to your assistance at a moments notice and put her shoulder into it, who gave her love and kindness to her friends and loved ones, she was a truly a radiant Personality with a capital letter.

She will always remain for us a symbol of hope and the enormous, endless love of all those around her, a symbol of true faith in life.

I say this with a clean conscience. All my colleagues, who knew and had the honor to get to know EMMA, share these words and feelings. About the one and only EMILIA

She will forever remain in our memories as a smiling, sincerely fervent, sparkling, unbreakable woman, and as a person who never surrenders no matter what the trouble, and always believes in her eventual success and victory.

Written by Viktor Kanibolotsky.

I never thought that such a day would ever come. Inever imagined that Emi's life would be so cruelly cut short. Istill can not accept the truth of her loss.

Emi was an important person in my life. Ibecame a better person for knowing her.

Our lives were strangely interwoven.

Emi was a magnificent person. Shewas above the petty trivia of everyday life. Iwill remember her with a broad smile on her face, proud of her children, proud of her husband, proud of her friends. Shewas full of energy, enthusiasm and strength. Shehad heart full of love for everyone around her.

The most important things to herwere
her husband
her children,
her home,
her professional integrity
her friends and her relatives.
She loved to be surrounded bylove.

Iwill always remember when she told me that it is us, people who make things happen. Wedon't need to wait for someone else to do things for us. Justgo and do it!, she said. Thiswas her attitude. "If you feel lonely because you are abroad, away from family and friends, organize a party! Don't just sit there and moan! Andso she did.

She loved things to be beautiful: the inside of her home, her appearance, her children, her attitude to life and people. Emiwas a live wire, whoever came into contact with her was shaken out of their apathy or indifference.

Friendships are strange things. Circumstances bring together people unexpectedly. Emi, the two Dimiters and Iwere classmates in Secondary school in Sofia. Butwe only became really close friends when life threw us both into the big concrete blocks of flats in Mladost 4(a remote suburb of Sofia).

Emi and Ibumped into each other by accident, pushing our prams with our babies, in the small park in front of our block of flats. Wedidn't know we were neighbours.

Emi and Idiscovered we had many things in common: apart from the obvious size similarities, we both married a boy from our class, with the same first name Dimiter. Bothworked in international trade. Weboth had children nearly the same age and had very similar interests in books, travel, and languages. Weenjoyed each other's company. Iadmired her energy and
insatiable curiosity, her excitement in discovering new things that stayed with her all her life.

When Dimiter and Imoved to London, and soon after Emi and Dimiter moved to Vienna. Butwe kept in touch. Dimiter and Emi often came on trips to London and always made time to see us. Weshared our experiences of living away in a foreign country and making a go of life there, building our careers, businesses, making a home and putting all our efforts into bringing up our children.

Dimiter and Ishared Emi's love for travelling and discovering new places and cultures. Weused to spend evenings reminiscing of far away places and people. Itwas incredible how hungry Emi was for new knowledge and how unassuming her way of sharing it with others was. Thatwas Emi. Always having something interesting to say, something positive, something funny!

Iwill never forget the memorable week we spent skiing, or rather they went skiing, Ibroke my leg and just enjoyed being looked after. Itwas the happiest holiday of my life! Wenever stopped laughing.

Emi, Bojidar, Veneta, the 2Dimiters and Iwere inevitably the last people at closing time. Wenever got bored. Iwas tired, Iwanted to hit the pillow but Emi was full of energy. Sheused to say; You have not come on holiday to go to bed early, have you? Her idea of a holiday was not sleeping on a beech, but very different: going dancing, going for a walk, playing cards or going to the sauna, which was a great joke in itself. Non-stop!

That was Emi. Thiswas how Iwill remember her: living life to the full, rushing to try as many things as she possibly could. There was never enough time for all her endeavours! Yet, there was always time for a friend, always a good word for everyone.

Our last meeting was in London in early summer, when she came for an exhibition. Shestayed with us. Itwas a difficult time for her. Shewas about to make the next important change in her life: to commit all her intellectual energy, experience and knowledge to their family business. Shewas leaving her job to work with Dimiter. Shetold me how excited she was and how nervous at the same time.

Emi was a modern woman. Shebuilt her career with hard work perseverance and dogged determination for success! Shewas an incredible linguist. Sheloved the Russian language and culture. Sheloved English and the English language. Shelearned one of the most challenging languages (at least for me) German. Shewas amazing!

Iwill remember her incredible partnership with her husband Dimiter. Theywere a model family, a marriage of minds, hearts and bodies. Herlove for Dimiter and her children was boundless.

Emi was love, loyalty and care that knew no limits. Shewas a strong woman. She was a fighter. Shewas brave, too. Whenever things were difficult for her, she would not complain, she would try and deal with problems herself. Whenever someone else had a problem, she would be there for them, not sparing time, energy or affection. Ibenefited by her friendship and her example. Mylife has been enriched and inspired by her love and thirst for life.

There won't be another one like Emi. Butwe are grateful that we knew her, that she touched our lives with her big smile and big heart. Today we must celebrate Emi's life and her achievements, as well as say goodbye.

Goodbye, my friend, goodbye.

Written by Lili Mirtcheva

Emmy was such an energetic, positive, helpful, resourceful, funny and lovely woman that it's difficult to believe she's not around any more. Anddifficult to think of anyone who deserved less to go in such a tragic and senseless episode, or so young.

I've been going over and over memories of her in these last few days of fear, hope and then desolation, and Ihaven't remembered anything that wasn't happy and delightful. Fromthat first dinner in the Sheraton when she was making jokes about all that typing, right through to the last time Ivisited you in what was then your new flat in Vienna, for which you'd both worked so hard. Shewas pure gold. Andnow she's gone.

A lot of us--really a lot of us, Isuspect--have lost a much-loved friend. Buther husband and the girls have lost most of all. From what I've seen, they are fine girls. Ifthey grow into women even half as wonderful as Emmy, her husband will have cause to be very proud indeed.

Written by Rob Whitford

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