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The Story of a DeadGirl
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, 21 2003

Lena Polyakova was killed during the storming of 'Nord-Ost'. Theauthorites tried to hide her body, and she was buried in secret. TheMoscow city prosecutor seems to be more worried about the actions of the lawyer for the 'Nord-Ost' hostages than anything else.

The 'Nord-Ost' story continues. Thefirst thing that we remember was the silence, or, alternatively, the unconvincing lie about the number of hostages who were killed during the storming of the theatrical center.

Later, it became clear that it was not just the terrorists and dextrous representatives of the police and special forces who were guilty of the tragedy, but many journalists. LastFriday the topic of the media's fault was personified in the resignation of Boris Jordan. Asyou may recall, NTV 'incorrectly' reported on the events at 'Nord-Ost'.

Now the prosecutor's office has decided to investigate Trunov, the lawyer for the former 'Nord-Ost' hostages, in spite of the laws protecting counsel. Inother words, since the real terrorists are far away, they must 'wipe out' those who are closer.

With regards to all of this, Iwould like to tell our readers a very simple story. Thestory of a deadgirl.

Unfortunately, the person who knows THE WHOLE STORY is dead. He, whom we shall call him 'D.B.' agreed to make public this story, but never succeeded. Hewas not able to tell me a lot, so Imust tell of that which hedid.

Thus, on the list of the dead is Alena Polyakova. Welooked for this girl and her mother, Olga Polyakova, beginning on October 28th (2002), at D.B.'s request. Theywere the wife and daughter of a friend ofhis.

D.B. drove to all the hospitals and morgues specified in official reports. We, in turn, called them all. Mother and daughter Polyakova were not on any of the officiallists.

Quickly understanding that the victims were transported to WHEREVER POSSIBLE, we changed our tactics. Theeditors here telephoned ALL the hospitals and morgues in Moscow. Wewere successful in one instance: in the intensive care ward of Hospital No. 68we located Olga Polyakova. Atthis point Hospital No. 68was NOT on any of thelists.

D.B. tried to use his connections (which he had a lot of) to try and transfer Olga Polyakova to Central Clinical Hospital. Hewas refused, and was told that it was FORBIDDEN to send 'Nord-Ost' hostages to Central.

Lena Polyakova still remained unaccounted for. Onceagain we called ALL the hospitals and morgues, and once again D.B. knocked about ALL the hospitals and morgues. Suddenly he phoned and said that there was still one place where Lena could be. Inhis words, a very high-ranking acquaintance told him that the bodies of those killed during the storming of the theater were at the certain military unit in Moscow. D.B. agreed to be taken there, but categorically refused to bring me along. Hewas granted permission to go alone, atnight.

In the morning he phoned and told me that there was no need to look any further.

The military unit turned out to be one of the military hospitals used for high-ranking members of the command staff, located at Sokolniki. D.B. drove there at night. Whenhe left, they told me, one could not bear to look at him. Alena was there, along with, at a minimum, nine bodies.

The girl had a gunshot wound. Thepathologist assured him that the wound was in itself not fatal. Onthe other hand, does a 12-year-old child need much of awound?

Problems later arose. Officially the girl did not exist she was not on any of the hostage lists. Some of the hostages, the Moscow city prosecutor stated cynically. Went home on their own. Alena Polyakova was not in any morgue or hospital, officially. Thatis to say, the girl had ceased to be. Evenher body vanished, officially.

D.B. would not give me details, he would not not say what favors he called in so that he could get custody of the girl's body. This, however, was only half the problem NOW SHE COULD NOT BE BURIED!

For a burial one needs a death certificate. Itwas impossible to get one, because the certificate must have a cause of death. Thegirl had a gunshot would, so this means that the police and prosecutor's office had to be notified. Generally speaking, after 'Nord-Ost' no one wanted anything to do with this, not even for money. Adeath certificate was eventually purchased somewhere inKazan.

They went to the Troekurovsky cemetary to bury the girl. AsD.B. told me, it was an awful funeral only nine people, and the coffin was too large for the littlegirl.

D.B.'s heart could not handle the awful pressure. Within a month he passedaway.

By the way, those who were interested in this story COULD NOT FIND Alena Polyakova in the registry of the Troekurovsky cemetary or its crematorium.

This story is a ghastly one, and an everyday occurrence in Russia. Itis so commonplace that the prosecutor's office is more interested in other matters, such as the lawyer of those who spent three days in the theater hall with Alena Polyakova, but, unlike her, survived.

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