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Mekhriban Aliyeva: Terrorism is a threat to all nations
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, 17 2011
ImageOn September 15th Paris hosted the 7th International Congress on Victims of Terrorism. Attending the opening of the Congress was First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mrs. Aliyeva.
According to 1news.az with reference to AzerTaj, the Congress took place at a military academy in Paris’s 7th district, and the director general of the French Association of Victims of Terror, Guillaume de Saint-Marc, met First Lady Mrs. Aliyeva.
Participants of the event took photos for record.
Then a moment of silence was observed to remember victims of the terrorist events throughout the world.
The Congress was implemented with the support of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and by an initiative of the French Association of Victims of Terror and the International Organization of Victims of Terror. Guillaume de Saint-Marc opened the Congress.
After welcoming the participants, general director of the French Association of Victims of Terror noted the event's importance and thanked the Congress's partners. Itwas brought to the attendees' attention that, along with the European Commission, the Ministries of Foreign and European Affairs, Defense, Justice, and Internal Affairs of France were participating, as well as the Paris City Hall. Oneof the partners of the Congress included the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.
Stating that Azerbaijan had expressed a special interest in this Congress, Guillaume de Saint-Marc noted that the participation of Azerbaijani terrorism victims in the event was with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Noting that he had visited our country and met with terrorism victims, the general director of the French Association of Victims of Terror praised the creation of such an organization in Azerbaijan. Guillaume de Saint-Marc said that so far this Congress had been held in Spain and Colombia. Thecurrent Congress included attendance by terror victims and their families from more than 35countries. Themain purpose of the event is support for people affected by terrorism. Thedirector general noted that in the future there would be a monument to commemorate victims of terrorist acts throughout the world.
Carlos Romero, the chairman of the International Organization of Victims of Terror, said that the event is of great importance for terror victims, and added that all countries, governments, and civilians should unite in their efforts to fight terror and conduct a coordinated struggle against this calamity that threatens all of humanity. Henoted that terrorism and all its implications constitute a threat not to any one nation or people, but for all mankind. Carlos Romero informed the attendees that the next Congress would be held in Spain.
Charles Rivkin, US Ambassador to France and Monaco, told about the events of September 11th, 2001. Henoted that about 3thousand people became terror victims in these events. TheAmbassador stressed the need to take all necessary measures to ensure such events never occur again. Thediplomat also spoke about his country's work in combating terrorism.
The First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mrs. Aliyeva, spoke before the Congress.
The speech of First Lady Mekhriban Aliyeva:
“Your Highness, the Prince, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen!
I would like to begin my speech by thanking the French Association of Victims of Terror and its general director, Guillaume de Saint-Marc, for their sincere invitation to participate in the 77th International Congress on Victims of Terrorism.
This important event is a very good opportunity for detailed consideration of the challenges facing the world in the fight against terror, and the liquidation of its dire consequences. Asa matter of fact, if we do not treat the victims of terrorism with due care, one cannot win the fight against it. Naturally, efforts aimed at eliminating the suffering experienced by victims of terrorist acts must be in the spotlight.
State, non-state actors and civil society in general should increase their efforts to provide this highly vulnerable layer of our societies with support and assistance in moral, material, medical, counseling and other forms. Bydirecting public attention to the problems they face, we must help them, including by explaining to them their rights and reducing their feeling of isolation. Weshould reach out to victims so that they may find the strength to endure their suffering. Wemust assure them that we will never forget everything that has happened to these people.
I am sure that many participants who come from the more than 35countries, including Azerbaijan, and from every corners of the world, will take an opportunity to exchange views in a more useful and meaningful form. Ibelieve that the greatest benefit of this event will be based on dialogue and engagement, on the one hand between those who make decisions, and, on the other between victims of terror and civil society representatives. Itis also a unique opportunity for them to share their experiences, and learn and explore ways to meet the challenges they face.
Dear participants,
Terrorism is a threat to all nations and peoples. Thisthreat is aimed at our security, the democratic values of our societies, our rights and freedoms, and especially against innocent people. Terrorism is a criminal act, which cannot under any circumstances be justified.
Despite all the efforts at the international level, the threat of terrorism remains high. Unfortunately, Azerbaijan has also not escaped this calamity: after regaining independence in 1991, our country suffered military aggression and foreign occupation. There have been more than 30terrorist attacks in our country, killing over 2,000 of our countrymen.
Azerbaijan, which only a few days before September 11th had celebrated its tenth anniversary, immediately joined the fight against terrorism and was a part of the international coalition that made a great contribution against terrorism.
We all know, given the universal nature of terrorism, that the success of our individual efforts depends on the quality of our ongoing international cooperation. Inthis sense Ifully welcome the idea of creating an international association of victims of terror, which will assist in taking joint action in addressing the problems faced by victims. Ibelieve that the newly established Azerbaijan Association of Victims of Terror, which is based on France's experience and whose representatives are here with us today, will contribute to further progress.
In conclusion, Iwish you great success in your deliberations at this historic event, and Ican assure you that Azerbaijan will stubbornly support international efforts to address issues relating to victims of terror.
Thank you for your attention.
The speech by the First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mekhriban Aliyeva, was greeted with applause.
Then spoke French Justice Minister Michel Mercier, who passed on greetings from French President Nicolas Sarkozy to the participants of the Congress. Michel Mercier emphasized that victims of terror must always be surrounded with care, and that all should share their problems and difficulties. Stating that terrorism is a universal scourge, the justice minister stressed the importance of all nations supporting victims of terror.
The next speaker was Prince of the Asturias. There is no justification for the activities of terrorists. Everyone should try to eradicate the roots of terrorism in the world, said the prince.
The event, which the center of a very large amount of attention in the French and European media, was attended by reputable and well-known world public and political figures, representatives of various nations, as well as the ambassadors to France from the United States, Russia, Spain, Colombia, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq, as well as specialists from these countries.
The Congress finished its work on September 17th.
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