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there are no answers to the most important questions about 'Nord-Ost'

1Despite the fact that 7years have passed since the terrorist attack on Dubrovka in Moscow, no one so far has responded to a number of important issues, chief of which is why was it necessary to perform an assault on the building, and in so doing cause many casualties as a result of the unknown gas. Also, why did the Special Forces kill all of the terrorists, even when they were in a state of unconsciousness? Mikhail Krieger, an activist from the ‘Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners’, stated asked these questions.
The indifference of Russians towards investigating the 'Nord-Ost' case, according to Krieger, leads to no one being able to consider themselves immune from such situations, and so the government can do whatever its wants to do with the people.
I remember that, at that time, there was very strong public sentiment that somehow they ought to find some peaceful way to negotiate with terrorists. Weneeded some talks, but reports that General Kazantsev was flying to some alleged negotiations have already disappeared from the press, Mikhail Krieger told a reporter from 'The Caucasian Knot'.
And Ihave a very strong suspicion that all of this, if you sum it up, was done in order to say: 'look at these scoundrels, who can talk with these animals, what can anyone agree with them on?' Ihave such suspicions, and in connection with them Ihave questions, for which no one yet has given a straight answer. I'm not talking about how the authorities are treating the victims, said the source.
Recall that on October 26th, in the center of Moscow, on Chistoprudny Boulevard, near the monument of Griboyedov, there was a rally in memory of the victims of the terrorist act in the theater on Dubrovka. People held posters reading: Who is responsible for the deaths, which could have been avoided? and We do not believe the government! 130unlit candles were lined up on the ground in front of the speakers, spelling out the word: Remember.
The United Civil Front organized the event. About 30attended the rally, half of them journalists. Theparticipants explained that the low turnout was due to a memorial service being held near the Dubrovka, where the crowd was much larger. Lastyear more than a thousand came to a memorial service in Moscow, dedicated to Dubrovka.
The beginning of the demonstration was scheduled for 18:30, but by 18:15 there was still no one on the site allocated to the event. Policemen fenced off a rather small square near the monument with metal fences, leaving space to the right of the fence for the unhindered passage of citizens along Chistoprudny Boulevard.
There were just about 50policemen in the neighborhood of the boulevard. There were soldiers from the Russian interior ministry's quick reaction force, and police from the patrol and SWAT regiments. Nearthe site of the meeting stood two PAZ buses with police officers. Entry into the rally area was by passing through a metal detector after a full inspection of any items being carried.
Operatives in civvies shot detailed video of all who came to the event. Whenrally organizers gave interviews to journalists, senior police officers were always nearby, listening to the spokesman.
Speakers at the rally repeatedly pointed out that far too few had come out there were only about 15picketers.
There you see it, the people walk on by, avoiding our rally by a hundred meters, and no one remembers that it's the anniversary of the events. We're going through such a time and as a result we have this situation where the government can do anything it wants to us. Andthe people are passive, frustrated and, pardon the expression, could give a damn, Mikhail Krieger told a correspondent from 'The Caucasian Knot'.
According to him, there are still a lot of questions that remain from the events of seven years ago in the theater on Dubrovka, questions that no one has answered.
Why was it necessary to kill the unconscious terrorists when you could have safely put them in handcuffs and then questioned them and found out some new data? Because there aren’t any investigations where there is too much data, too much testimony, Idon't believe it. Whynot question them and find out what their route was, where were they armed, where they stopped, and where their collection points were at? asked the activist from the 'Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners'.
We could've gotten a lot of information. Whynot get it from people who were already completely harmless? Whywere they all killed? These weren't some young conscripts who stormed the building they were professionals. These are all important questions, Mikhail Krieger said to reporters during the rally on Chistoprudny Boulevard.
The rally passed without incident, and at its end the names of all the hostages who perished at 'Nord-Ost' were read through a megaphone.
In early July of 2007, representatives of the 'Nord-Ost' public organization, created in 2003and seeking information from the government about the hostage rescue operation at Dubrovka, filed an application to the Prosecutor General, asking that criminal proceedings be initiated against members of the operational headquarters for the hostage rescue.
Protecting victims of the terrorist attack at Dubrovka has also required the initiation of criminal proceedings against a range of officials, for falsifications in a memorandum on the circumstances of the raid to free the hostages. TheRussian government submitted the memorandum to the Strasbourg Court.
On June 1st, 2007, it became known that the investigation into the terrorist attack in the theater on Dubrovka in Moscow had been temporarily suspended. Thereason cited was the inability to locate the accused.
In March of this year, the Zamoskvoretsky Court in Moscow awarded about 130thousand rubles in two lawsuits brought by victims of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka, in connection with the theft of the hostages' personal belongings. Thedefense, however, was dissatisfied with the decision of the court.
Printed in 'The Caucasian Knot'.

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