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Ibetrayed the Motherland?
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, 27 2007

By Mikhail Trepashkin



Only someone with Down’s syndrome and brain syphilis could declare that Ihad divulged information that was a state secret of the Russian Federation. Further, they hold forth that Iwas guilty of betraying the Motherland, of treason.

I am accused of a crime, in that two months before the seizure of hostages at Dubrovka Iwarned the FSB via a former colonel of the FSB’s anti-crime unit, V.V.Shebalin, that acts of terror were being prepared in Moscow!

How can such actions be a betrayal of the Motherland?

Who does the FSB serve if my warnings are regarded as treason?

More than a little has been said about the reasons for my imprisonment, but what needs to be done is to think of some way to toss these monsters and child-killers into prison. Instead, they thought up fairy tales that only the uninitiated could believe apparently they think that people have forgotten how to figure things out.

Look at their actions: at the end of August of 2002, Iwarned Shebalin about terrorist attacks being prepared in Moscow, information that had been given me by a source. A little later Iindicated where they could find data on individuals who may participate in the events at ‘Nord-Ost’. Shebalin and officers from the FSB anti-crime unit picked up the remains of some old research. But! Instead of working with these, they handed in several summaries of phone taps and a computer printout of a an information search on the word ‘BRATANY’ (gangster brotherhoods), yet not even bothering to erase the archive’s reference number on the document. After this they sent Shebalin to the chief military prosecutor to get him to declare that Ihad supposedly, about a year ago after being searched, given him this printout for safekeeping (from what?)

A lot of misinformation has been written in the mass media about me exposing a state secret, in that Isupposedly copied government documents and kept these in my home, and that they had been confiscated after a police search. This is a LIE! Just look at the court’s verdict: Iwas not found guilty of having even a single copy! It was all a smokescreen by the FSB and the chief military prosecutor so that the average citizen would think that Iwas guilty of something, and to cover up for their illegal activities. The original documents indicated in this ‘disclosure’, supposedly in February of 2002, were brought to the chief military prosecutor by V.V.Shebalin in December of 2002, after Ihad raised a fuss as to why the FSB had not reacted to my warnings and why so many people ended up dying! They made this step to protect the authorities’ ambitions.

So, what is contained in the Shebalin documents? In the eavesdropping summaries there is talk about crimes they will commit, including serious ones with the participation of the FSB. But in the information research printout about ‘BRATANY’, which Ihad put together on February 27th, 1996, Ihad stated my disagreement with instructions from the FSB chiefs about hiding information concerning crimes the employees of the FSB had participated in, including murder. This is what was in the documents that were reposing in the FSB archives until December of 2002. No plans, and no state secrets. If someone is unfamiliar with the 1993Russian government secrets law, Iwill refresh their memory: it is forbidden, under the threat of criminal prosecution, to classify as secret any information relating to crimes and violations of citizens rights!

So what did the ‘fabricators’ at FSB do? They put together a legal opinion and conclusion that the documents contained information about FSB plans and about the state and results of operational investigative activities by the FSB (?) Who put this fake document together? Entered in the legal conclusion, as ‘experts’, were people who are far from being experts, persons with no specialized training whatsoever. They simply signed this conclusion that the FSB anti-crime unit had tossed together. When one of them was asked in court, a Captain Petrov from the FSB anti-crime unit (who by the way was simultaneously working on the case): “On what do you base classifying this information a state secret?” He answered: “I have no legal training, so Icannot answer this question.” (And the bastard judge later wrote that the expert Petrov answered all questions!)

I must note that there were no legal, licensed experts present, or even anyone from the emergencies ministry, yet they indicated in their conclusion: “historian E.Y.Golovin of the FSB secretariat, aircraft instruments specialists S.V.Zaitsev, mathematician V.A.Pisarev, S.A.Solodchenko from physical defense (exercise specialist), etc.” Here are the ‘specialists and experts’ who were able to determine a government secret ‘with the naked eye’! (Salt into those falsifying eyes.)

In the Moscow military district court they went looking for these FSB plans for half a year, and they could not find them! Neither the prosecutor nor Shebalin had seen them, yet Shebalin was supposedly the person to whom Ihad disclosed the information. They summoned the head of the ‘experts’, Butov of the FSB. He declared: “There are no FSB plans in the 1995wiretap summaries, or in the reference document dated February 27th, 1996. We simply entered specially worded extracts into the conclusion that the information was a state secret, in full accordance with the law.” Note that they accused me not of disclosing any specific information, but of wordings. This begs the question, from out of which intimate place on his body did JudgeS.P.Sedov pull these FSB plans, which no one had ever seen, about which no one had ever heard, but for their alleged ‘disclosure’ to FSB Colonel Shebalin Iwas sentenced to four years in prison?

An even greater transgression was the ‘disclosure’ imputed to me in August of 2001, made to that very same Shebalin, information about three individuals who were supposedly at one time or another working undercover in counterintelligence and operational investigative activities.

The FSB directorate of registration and archival funds (URAF) several times sent me registered letters with replies that they have no data about these 3individuals ever having worked on a confidential basis for the KGB of the USSR, or the FSB of the RF. No such data!

It was ascertained for certain that the agencies for which the indicated three persons supposedly worked were not even Russian! Information from the 1980s has no relationship to Russia. One would like to know exactly what secret of the Russian Federation could be contain information that has no relationship to Russia in general?

There is an even weightier argument in the matter: Iintroduced in court an appraisal by experts, performed during the 1980s on this very same information. It clear that the information does not constitute a state secret! FSB experts confirmed that during the time of my service in the KGB of the USSR that documents containing information on these three persons were not a state secret!

So why is this non-Russian (i.e.: Soviet) information used to accuse me? Because they were not able to think up anything else!

Jurists draw your attention to these circumstances, and you will see the entire criminally false, fabricated case against me.

Anyone who can acquaint themselves with the sentence in my criminal case, note yet another detail: ALL THE ‘DISCLOSURES’ OF MADE-UP STATE SECRETS WERE CONSTRUCTED FROM THE FALSE TESTIMONY OF ONE AND THE SAME PERSON: V.V.Shebalin. One!

Just as in Stalin’s time. But in this case, those who slandered and gave false testimony against me complained about threats against them. Contained in the criminal case is my statement a protest against the illegality of such activities from October 7th, 2002(before Shebalin’s ‘testimony’ about a ‘disclosure of secrets’). They sure knew how to bring pressure to bear!

I can prove all of the above with materials from the criminal case.

And so, where is my treason?

Who did Ibetray?

Did Ibetray the Motherland, or those who nowadays speak in the name of the Motherland? They betrayed me, just as they betrayed the citizens of Russia who died in the theatrical center at Dubrovka and in other acts of terror.

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