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Day of Distrust rally held in Moscow
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, 26 2010

ImageAt Chistye Prudy in Moscow a rally dedicated to the 11th anniversary of the FSB's Ryazan exercise’ was held, titled ‘A Day of Distrust’. According to a reporter from 'Grany', about a hundred people attended. The protesters held dozens of posters with slogans such as: ‘Do not believe the state version of the bombings’, ‘Ryazan we don't believe’, ‘Beslan we don't believe’, ‘FSB is hiding the truth slain Anna Politkovskaya, Yuri Shchekochikhin, Sergei Yushenkov, and Alexander Litvinenko were seeking the truth’.

Attending the rally were representatives from the Solidarity movement, antiwar organizations, human rights activists, as well as ordinary Muscovites. People remembered the tragic events of apartment bombings in Volgodonsk, Moscow, and Buinaksk in September of 1999. According to the participants, the exercises that were conducted by the secret service in Ryazan forces them to doubt that Chechen rebels blew up apartment buildings in other cities.

According to human rights activist Michael Krieger, following the events in Ryazan the bombings in other Russian cities ceased. He emphasized that the blasts were used by the presidential campaign of Vladimir Putin.

On September 9th, 1999, on Guryanov Street in Moscow, a powerful explosion destroyed two stairwells of a nine-story apartment building. 106people were killed and 264injured, including 86children. OnSeptember 13th, 1999, on the Kashirsk Highway in Moscow, another powerful explosion completely destroyed an eight-story apartment building. 124were killed, including 13children.

The first terrorist attack in Russia came on September 4th, 1999, in Buinaksk in Daghestan, when terrorists blew up an apartment building. Atruck bomb was set off near a five-story apartment building, killing 64. OnSeptember 16th, 1999, in the city of Volgodonsk in the Rostov region another truck bomb was used. 19people died and 73were permanently disabled. Over 40buildings were damaged, including two schools and a kindergarten. Over16,000 people were officially recognized as victims.

On September 22nd, 1999, at Novoselov Street 14/16 in Ryazan, residents noticed strangers carrying suspicious bags entering the basement of their building. Police and the local FSB arrived at the scene. Thepersons carrying the bags were detained, and it was found that they were officers from the central directorate of the FSB.

The FSB stated that ‘exercises’ were held in Ryazan to test the combat readiness of local law enforcement agencies, as well as the vigilance of citizens. Supposedly there was only refined sugar in the bags, and the detection of RDX vapor by experts at the time was incorrect. According to eyewitnesses, however, the bags were filled with a granular substance of a yellow color.

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