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From the radio program Hour of the press
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, 03 2011
Chief editor of the weekly publication ‘Interlocutor’ talks about government secrecy
Elena Rykovtseva: Do you have enough information about the terrorist attack at Domodedovo? Whatcould be the consequences for the ruling tandem (Medvedev & Putin ed) with regards to this new information about the property they used? Whyhas the Russian public discovered such a pathologic hatred of Boris Yeltsin? These are the range of issues Ihave identified for discussion with Yuri Pilipenko, chief editor of ‘Interlocutor’. Wewill start off with the investigation of the terrorist attack at Domodedovo. Itseems to me that this time there is much less information than after previous terrorist attacks. Asthe editor of a very popular publication, how does it seem to you?
Yuri Pilipenko: An awful lot of articles came out about the blast at Domodedovo, but journalists relied mostly on their intuition. Letus remember all the theories. First, there was a Russian Wahhabi by the name of Razdobudko. Secondly, there was the ‘Nogai battalion’. Thirdly, there they looked at these traces of a “Zionist footprint”.
Elena Rykovtseva: The “Zionist footprint” was what your ‘Interlocutor’ examined.
Yuri Pilipenko: ‘Interlocutor’ among others.
Elena Rykovtseva: Can you explain exactly what is this “Zionist footprint”? Itis such an exotic theory.
Yuri Pilipenko: The president was in Jerusalem at the same time. Thiswas offensive to the Israelis, who made very strong statements with large headlines in the papers, despite the fact that Medvedev could not enter Israel because Israeli Foreign Ministry workers were on strike. Sothis here is one of the theories, that the Zionist forces were offended that “he makes friend with those who are not our friends.”
The second part of this theory is that the head of the supervisory board at Domodedovo airport is Valery Kogan.
Elena Rykovtseva: Who lives in Israel.
Yuri Pilipenko: Yes, and then the struggle for real estate, the struggle for property. Itis very serious. Especially since the day before (the attack) there were reports that Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport was somehow laying claim to some of the property at Domodedovo, and so here is this theory.
Elena Rykovtseva: The conversion theory.
Yuri Pilipenko: Ithink that we, as journalists, fantasized a lot in this regard, since there was very little official information.
Elena Rykovtseva: Less than usual.
Yuri Pilipenko: Even though they tossed some out there.
Elena Rykovtseva: But Yuri, what did they toss us? Awhole week has gone by and we are told that they have identified the suicide bomber. Butno first or last name? Well, they said his age is 20, and they say he was a native of the North Caucasus. Doyou believe that they found this out, or is it a bluff?
Yuri Pilipenko: Iwill not believe until Ihave some kind of evidence. Ifthe investigation is on the right track, and all is going well and they are moving toward finding out the main causes, then thank God. Itwould be much worse, however, if we are being deceived, if they are “hanging noodles on our ears” (making fools out of us). Ihave been convinced of this since Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s statement, when he met with reporters from ‘First channel’. Hisstatement was strange. Hesaid that the case of who blew up Domodedovo has been solved. Itis true that he did not say who did it, but he made this strange statement: they are people who hate the government, they hate Russia and they hate the government in Russia, and in general they are “anarchist terrorists,” that is how he put it. Sothat means there are people who just want to blow something up. Thisstatement here made me very confused, because it seems to me that it is unbelievable that there could be people, who for the sake of ‘sport’ want not just to blow up the country, but themselves as well. These people must have some good reasons for doing this, and apparently also they also had reasons for going Red Square. Weunderstand that they were preparing a series of explosions. Itis also not yet know if these groups were connected. Ofcourse Iwould like more information, and that is would be more precise.
Elena Rykovtseva: Iam reading what they are writing Wehave just seen on the news wire that 10people have been detained. Theywere preparing a terrorist attack on Moscow for New Year’s Eve. Andnow the latest “lightning update”: several persons having information about preparations for a terrorist attack on Domodedovo were detained. Thatis very unusual wording. Ihave never seen that before: “having information”.
Yuri Pilipenko: Well, since Vladimir Putin already knows who blew up
Elena Rykovtseva: It turns out that they detained Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin), since he has information about preparations. Raisa writes: “Putin said in an interview that he does not show off his daughters, because he's afraid for their lives. Thatis how he summed up his activities. Ifhe is afraid for his own children’s lives, what are the rest of the citizens supposed to do?”
Yuri Pilipenko: It speaks about the situation in our country. Ifthe leaders of our nation fear for their children’s lives, we all need to be afraid
Full text of the broadcast can be found at the site of ‘Radio Liberty’.

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