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A Minute of MEMORY
Written by   
, 23 2009
1On October 23, 2009, students at the Staro-Oskolsky Medical College commemorated 130victims of Nord-Ost, among which were children. Theweather that day, it seemed, cooperated in helping us observe a Minute of MEMORY, changing from a dull sky with lingering rain, to a windless, sunny and warm fall day. Perhaps it was a blessing from above?
How sad sometimes, that time flies,
Like a flock of cranes on a dim, old canvas.
Up high, under the sun, their cry dissolves in the wind,
As with the terror attack on the musical Nord-Ost.
But in people's memories will forever remain
That long, bloody day, a day of death and loss
And why is it that in a country, where it's peaceful and carefree,
Where all are safe, now there is war?"

These verses were read during the Minute of MEMORY, and no one could remain indifferent, not the teachers, nor the students, nor even the guests of the college.

These verses were read during the Minute of MEMORY, and no one could remain indifferent, not the teachers, nor the students, nor even the guests of the college.

For students of the medical college, as well as for many others, the date October 23rd, 2002, means more than human sorrow, because it was on this day 7years ago, at 9:15 pm, that terrorists stormed the Theatrical Center on Melnikov Street, during the second act of the play 'Nord-Ost'. 56hours later sleeping gas, and the result 130victims, 10of them children.

During the Minute of MEMORY that was held in the Alley of Roses, songs and poems dedicated to the dead and injured were heard. All were written and performed by our students.

Natalya Selivanova and Olga Korneichuk, in their poem We Remember, were able to show how pervasive is terrorism, and how much sorrow it causes.

“We Remember”

Grieve, Russia! THOUART ALL

Of bitter, maternal tears,

And the tears of children, who suffered,

And their unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

But how many families have suffered anguish,

Losing friends and loved ones?

And one in five disabled,

Shackled for life in thousands of chains

The terror attack covered ancient home cities

In a bloody wave,

And with the rhythm of the frantic pace

Days and years go by.

That wind, which is called the Nor'easter (Nord-Ost)

Sowed a severe, unique sin

With slain children and slain adults

Now to exist far from all

Is our Russia! Thouart all covered with tears,

And full of unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

And in memory of those days, about that grief

The Alley of Roses blooms by us

These lines say that, together with the relatives of the victims, we mourn. Theysay that this grief leaves no one unsympathetic, and how important it is to remember those for whom October 23rd, 2002, became the worst day of their life, while October 26th became for some their last day. Withthem went hopes, dreams, and desires.

We are very sorry that one cannot turn back time. Wesincerely regret everything that happened on that sad day. Fateis not always just. Sometimes it plays too harsh with people, and makes them suffer. Wewould like to bow our heads before the relatives of the victims of this tragedy, because in order to survive this pain, one needs great strength. Thedead cannot be brought back, but they will forever remain in our memory, and in our hearts.

Fond memory of you all! Theroses are blooming and remind us of your good souls. Fondmemory of all who died at 'Nord-Ost'.

Written by Anastasia Shatokhina

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