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Aza was only 12 when she wrote these words in August 2004: "It happened all at once, and it wasn't too early or too...
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Karinna Moskalenko
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, 25 1999

Karinna Moskalenko: “Besides the European Court, we do not have anything else we can count on”

   Rosa Malsagova / RFIKarinna Moskalenko, the attorney representing the ‘Nord-Ost’ victims at the European Court of Human Rights, talks about the case’s progress in Strasbourg, which has become became her clients’ lasthope.

October 24th marks the 9years from the date of the seizure of hostages in the theater on Dubrovka in Moscow. 912people had come to see the musical ‘Nord-Ost’, and on October 26th, 2002, during the assault 130of them were killed, according to official figures. Theinvestigation into the terrorist attack was called off in 2007, but reopened again thisyear.

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March 11th is the European Day of Victims of Terrorism
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ImageEurope today is observing the Day of Victims of Terrorism. Thisday commemorates over 5,000 people who were victims of terrorist attacks that occurred in the European Union.
In his speech before the European Parliament (EP), EP chairman Jerzy Buzek noted: terrorists have declared war against the civilian population and carry, out their acts in places where people used to feel safe. Thisis shameful, deceitful and cowardly. Thisis why terrorism can never be justified.
According to European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Cecilia Malmström, the threat of terrorism in the European Union is real, and therefore the efforts of EU member states should focus on preventing new terrorist attacks.
An important aspect of this work is combating the radicalization that is conducive to terrorism. Thishas been defined as one of the key objectives of the European strategy of internal security. Theissues of radicalization can only be solved together with local communities. Inthis regard, this year we will set up a system of radicalization prevention and prophylaxis among vulnerable populations, said C.Malmström.

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A secret covered inashes
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‘MK’ investigation: Unidentified remains from the Guryanov Street apartment building blast are still at the morgue 11years later

September 9th, 1999: the bombing of the apartment building on Guryanov Street.

We have gotten used to thinking about high-profile terrorist attacks only on even dates.

Today is not even date. Itis not even the same month, and there is no new information.

So why have we decided to resurrect this forgotten topic? Itis simple a little while ago we got a phone call here at the ‘MK’ editorial offices:
“People still remember ‘Nord-Ost’ and Beslan, but they forgot about the very first terrorist attack, the one on Guryanov Street. It’s as if it never happened at all. Butthere are people who still can’t bury their loved ones who died in the tragedy. Eventhough it’s been 11years! There are 90-plus remains still in a special freezer while the state has no money to do DNA testing”

The woman on the line never introduced herself. Shesimply hung up.
She was used to no one playing attention to her words.

It was her cry of despair. Acry, it seemed to her, in the wilderness.

We tracked down the very same people who, after the blast on Guryanov, were unable to bury their loved ones. After 11years of waiting, they finally agreed to tell us what they had kept silent about for so manyyears.

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