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45 of the 117 victims of the terrorist attack killed by bull
Вторник, 29 Октябрь 2002
Prosecutor’s office: 45 of the 117 victims of the terrorist attack killed by bullets

Of the 117 victims of the terrorist act in Moscow, 45 died from gunshot wounds, said Moscow Prosecutor Mikhail Avdyukov on Tuesday. “This number includes 43 hostages, and Moscow girl Olga Romanova, who was shot to death by terrorists while trying to enter the theater on Dubrovka, as well as a man whose identity has not yet been established and is being investigated for possible involvement with the terrorists,” said Avdyukov.

Relatives of the slain have already received death certificates that indicate gunshot wounds as the cause of death. The prosecutor said, however, that forensic experts still have to figure out which weapons killed the people: weapons belonging to the terrorists, or members of the security forces.

Avdyukov did not rule out that that the composition of the gas used during the storming of the theater investigation might be an issue in the investigation. “For now we have no reason to say that it was the use of this special substance that was the immediate cause of death of the hostages. Rather, it was a complex of factors, including external factors that led to death,” said the prosecutor.

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