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Закон о социальной защите граждан, пострадавших от...
соц. защита пострадавших в терактах
Мой сын работал в Норд-Осте в оркестре, теракт был в его смену. Никаких ежемесячных и ежегодных компенсаций не получа...
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author Марина

Korablev, Vladimir
Похоронены на Хованском кладбище, северная территория
12/12/19 03:07 more...
author Павел

Radchenko, Vladimir
Спасибо , Сергей
Сергей , не случайно мы заходим сюда...На страницы памяти жертв Норд-Оста , на страницу памяти Вашего папы...Воистину Св...
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author Валя

Skopstova, Evgeniya
16 и 17 ноября 2019 года в подмосковном городе Дубне, на базе спорткомплекса «Волна», состоялся турнир по фехтованию сре...
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author Сергей

Simakov, Aleksandr
Спасибо, Илья Гинзбург
Регулярно читаю книгу памяти жертв Норд-Оста с огромным благоговением , слезами и скорбью. Удивительно , сколько замечат...
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author Валя

Appeal for assistance!
Written by Семья Самченко   
Среда, 26 Август 2009

1On August 12th, 2009, there was a terrorist bombing in the city of Gagry in Abkhazia. Especially affected was the Samchenko family, citizens of the Russian Federation. The blast in Gagry rang out on the third day of the family's vacation, leaving Konstantin Samchenko and his son wounded by shrapnel, and his wife Antonina in grave condition with multiple fractures, burns, and shrapnel wounds.

They found themselves in dire straits far from home in the Republic of Abkhazia, without assistance from the Russian government. The Russian consul in Abkhazia came to the Gagry hospital but once, and only offered to contact families of the victims.

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Neo-nazi Explosion
Written by Оксана Бойко   
Вторник, 25 Август 2009

В Москве предотвращена  серия терактовOfficers from the Department of Combating Extremism detained an underage Moscow resident who was preparing a series of terror acts for the capital. It was determined that the young man belongs to a neo-nazi group and has a direct connection with a series of loud explosions in the city. The neo-nazi was detained in route to the Monument of the Soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, where he was planning to set off his homemade bombs.

On Tuesday officers from the Interior Ministry's Department of Combating Extremism reported the detention of a neo-nazi who was preparing a series of terror acts in the capital.

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Blast in Gagry kills two local residents
Written by Дни.ру   
Четверг, 13 Август 2009
A bombing in Gagry on Wednesday, the day of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's visit to Abkhazia, claimed the lives of two local residents: 25 year-old David Metreveli, and 52 year-old Lyudmila Surina.
According to Ramin Gablaya, deputy minister of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia, an explosive device was hidden in a trash bin on Narta Street in front of the Gagry commercial firm YUTEKA, Inc. The blast occurred at 4:47 pm Moscow time.

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Medvedev defended from the Voice of Beslan
Written by Анастасия Кириленко   
Вторник, 11 Август 2009

On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Beslan school tragedy, mothers of the slain children tried to personally deliver a letter to the president of Russia. This happened on August 8th, during a visit by Dmitry Medvedev to North Ossetia. Officers from the Federal Security Service snatched away signs, which read: «Beslan requests a meeting» and threatened the mothers with force. Specialists in combating extremism investigated the unarmed women.

In this undelivered presidential letter they requested a face-to-face meeting. The purpose — to discuss the need in Russia for a law on the status of victims of terrorist attacks. Ella Kesayeva, chairman of the 'Voice of Beslan' public organization, discusses this with Radio Liberty:

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Members of 'Voice of Beslan' not allowed to meet
Written by Александра Кузнецова   
Суббота, 08 Август 2009

Members of 'Voice of Beslan' not allowed to meet with Russian President

Today in the capital of North Ossetia, members of the 'Voice of Beslan' public organization were not allowed into a building of the 58th Army to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.
According E. Kesayeva, the head of the organization, she and another activist, Emilia Bzarova, were surrounded and grabbed by seven officers from the staff of the Interior Ministry. They were not allowed to enter the building, and received abuse.

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