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Yevlampieva, Valentina
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, 08 2008

Age 64, from Moscow, Russia.

1She was born on January 30th, 1938. Her difficult childhood during the war and post-war years only served to strengthen her hold on life. Mom was the absolute essence of life, and everything for her was joyful and interesting, right up to her last day on earth.

After graduating from the Petrovsk village school in the Moscow district, she moved to Sterlitamak in Bashkiria. She attended the technical school there and returned to Moscow, where she entered the Polytechnic while working at the Kauchuk factory. She worked there until retirement.

Mom was an impossibly cheerful person who entertained others as well. I can still recall when she was in the choir a pleasant, strong alto. She sang in the Russian folk ensemble at the Kauchuk factorys cultural center, and we traveled with her to shows. Her heavenly blue dress with its silver embroidery will forever remain in my memory, like something out of a fairy tale.

Mom loved all kinds of art, especially music and the theater. She could never miss the beautiful musical Nord-Ost, which at that moment was an innovative genre for Russian audiences.

The news about the hostages being seized caught us unawares, as it did everyone. When they called me about it, Isimply hung up the phone. Some kind of a crank call, Ithought. I turned on the television later, and then Iknew that this time evil had not passed us by. I rushed to my sister, who lived next to Mom. Almost all our relatives had gathered there when the hostages were given a chance to telephone. Mom did not waste her only call We turned on the speakerphone At the time we did not believe, did not have the right to believe, that we were hearing her voice for the last time

Our parents went to the show together. For 42years they had gone practically everywhere together, not counting their school years, which they spent in the same class. Thanks to the doctors, Dad was saved and left the hospital But Mom never came out of her coma

Even though it had been ten years since she retired from the Kauchuk factory, many of Moms colleagues from work came to see her off on her last journey. One builds a reputation in 40years Either you have it, or you do not. Mom had it

It has already been six years, but the bitterness of the loss has not lessened. We remember Mom and grieve for her. Even her granddaughter, who was born six months after Moms death, knows Grandma Valya as a very kind and beautiful person.

Mamochka, we miss you very much, and we hope and believe, perhaps we even know that right now you care for us as much as you can. We all remember you and we will never forget Your roses at the weekend house bloom even better than before, and we hope that it is you sending your beautiful, warm greeting from that place, which we hope for you is a better world.

Written by your family: your husband Viktor, daughters Olya and Yulya, sister Lyudmila, grandchildren Maksim, Kosya, and Ksyusha, and now your great-grandson Dimochka.

PS: It is hard to describe in only a few words the immense life of a good, shining person, since there is so much to remember, not just for her children, but also for all her friends and loved ones. Many good people suffered in this tragedy and each of them has someone who remembers them. I very much hope that this collective memory will accomplish what was impossible to do through political interference. It allows a chance to prevent the repetition of similar tragedies, when at some moment it is no longer important who is guilty, since the scale of the grief exceeds all human understanding.

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