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Tkach, German
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, 22 2007
Age 25; Russia, Murmansk.

German was a late child, but a wanted one. Hestarted kindergarten at three, and then at six he went off to school. Hedid well in his studies.

After finishing school in 1994, he entered the Mesyatsev Sea College in Murmansk. In1998 he graduated and received his nautical certificate. Hesailed the seas on fishing vessels as second assistant captain. Hewas respected and treasured for his hard work, honesty, and conscious attention to his responsibilities.

Gerry had friends. Hemostly kept a good relationship with his former classmates. Theyhad gone to school together and had all received their nautical specialties. Theywent to sea, and between trips, if they could, they got together.

In 2000, after a long cruise, German decided to take a vacation. Hebooked a tour to Turkey, and there he met a girl. Shewas from Moscow, and was named Zhanna. Theyfell in loved and started to date. After every cruise they got together, mostly in Moscow, and spent time together. Thusit occurred on that fateful date in 2002, when German and Zhanna went to see the musical 'Nord-Ost', which was being advertised far and wide those days.

During the second half of the show a tragedy occurred: the audience were taken hostage by the terrorists. Asa result of the rescue operation, my son died without ever receiving any kind of assistance. Hisgirl, Zhanna, was clinically dead, but timely medical assistance saved her life.

We still love, remember, and mourn him. German is always with us.

Written by his mother, father, brother, and all his relatives.

We met while on vacation in Turkey in 2000. If only Icould have known back then that our acquaintanceship would for German by a fatal one. People, however, are never given to guess their future.

After Turkey we became fast friends, and exchanged many text messages by cell phone. Later German came to Moscow, to be with me. Back then everything turned out okay, but by then parting was a hard thing

Later Ihad to go to Murmansk. And again I even changed my ticket to a day later, so that we could be together a little longer. I will not lie if Isay that ever since we met (not counting Turkey) we had only seen each other 5times. (German went to sea for 3months at a time, and sometimes as long as half a year). When Iawoke in the hospital, Iremembered him (not right away, though, Ihad retrograde amnesia), and Ihad the feeling that Ihad known him for 5years.

On that, the last day, he had come home from his latest cruise, and according to his mother, Raisa Vasilevna Tkach, right away he took off for Moscow. He was supposed to fly back home on October 23rd, but destiny decided otherwise, and we could not bear to part and so we changed his ticket. Once again, it was a strange confluence of circumstances: Ihad already seen the musical, so Idecided to surprise him and offered to take him to Nord-Ost. And we bought tickets on October 23rd

When Iawoke in the hospital, for a long time Icould not remember how Igot there. Memory returned a little at a time, at first Isaid that Iwas there with my girlfriend, and later when Iremembered it all the horror came to me. I recall how Ilay in the hospital trying to call Murmansk on my cell phone, but could not get anywhere. Later they sent me to Blue, some kind of a rehabilitation center. I did not want to go, because Iwanted to go home and get on the Internet and find out what had happened to German. They had to force me to go. My sister went with me, and she told me about Germans fate.

Now Iam terrified to remember those days. Laying there in the hospital Icould not even guess that Raisa Vasilevna, Germans mother, had been in Moscow, had talked with my sister and taken Germans body to bury

I only thought, what am Ito say to her?

Now, after the passing of so many years Ido not even want to think about Nord-Ost. But people died there, our loved ones, and their memory should always live, and so therefore when Ihear Nord-Ost, Ishudder, and my memory returns to there, where we sat waiting for rescue, hoping for the best, and that moment that Istill remember: when all were still alive

Zhanna Volodina

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