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Puzikov, Dmitriy
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, 15 2007

Age 26; Russia, Moscow.

Dmitry Dmitrievich Puzikov. Hewas born in Moscow on April 16th, 1976. In1993 he graduated from literary, multifaceted school center for esthetic education. In1999 he entered the Moscow Institute of Energetics (technical university), in the college of electro-technology.

Dima Dimochka Youwere the best in this world, yes, and in the next world as well. Youalways were and always will be. Andwe all love you very, verymuch.

He was a caring son and father, a loving husband, and a successful businessman. Hedid not know how to despair, even when things were very bad, Dima always said to me: Wait my dear. Welove each other. Were together. Everything will turn out all right. But on that terrible day, October 23rd, things did not turn out allright.

The moment that the terrorists broke into the auditorium, Dima somehow understood it already. Hehugged me to him so tightly, as if he wanted to protect me. Whenthey started to seat us in different places, he hugged me, and kissed me, and ran his hand over mine. Withhis eyes full of tears he whispered for me to go, that if they let the women go, and anything were to happen to him, to change my last name to his Puzikova (I had kept my maiden name) and that Itook care of our son. Later we were only able to meet each others glances.

We first met at the institute, where we shared a desk. Westole furtive glances at each other, and later everything began to spin about with dizzying speed. Andhere we were, husband and wife. After finishing the institute we worked together as information technologists, later starting our own business. Wewere always, and everywhere, together.

They say that people quickly tire of each other this is not true. Tosee each other 24hours a day was, for us, happiness. Wewere as one; we lived with the same goals, matters, and deeds. Evennow, when he has been gone for unbearably long, Ijudge all my deeds and acts according to his point of view aswell.

Many friends always surrounded Dima. Hewas a rare type of sociable person, happy and sharp-witted, he found it very easy to meet people and valued true masculine friendship highly.

Dima knew how to be demanding with his subordinates, but he was always gentle and affectionate at home. Andeven romantic. Once, when Iwoke up on the morning of my birthday, Icould not find my husband at home. WhenI looked out the window, however, Isaw my name on the sidewalk, written in roses, and my happy, smiling Dima next to it. Healso loved his mother very much, and his brother and our son Artyom Andthe forest, and the roar of the sea in the morning Andlife.

People like Dima cannot die. Theylive within us, within those who love and rememberthem.

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