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Platonov, Pavel Yurievich
Written by Сергей Колесник   
Четверг, 22 Февраль 2007
Age 33, from Moscow, Russia.

His first phone call came even before the country learned about the terrorist seizure of hostages at the musical ‘Nord-Ost’ over the news. It was not a personal phone call. Pavel Platonov, who was among the eight hundred hostages, dialed someone who knew what to do with the information he was sending, and, secondly, someone who would know what to do in the situation.

It was the first and most specific information that the security services received from inside the captured theater, and therefore, the most priceless. As a matter of fact, no other information was coming from there, even though we were able to question the few hostages that managed to escape, and get the impressions from various envoys and negotiators who visited the captured theatrical center.

Not only did Pavel Platonov regularly communicate vital information, even though every second meant taking a risk, he kept at it on behalf of security professionals in charge of the hostage rescue operation. Pavel Platonov sought information vital to the commandos tasked with the assault.

During the first days, he communicated quite often, almost every half hour, while later — a little less often.
When the terrorists got suspicious, they took away his mobile phone, but Pavel found a way to send text messages from other hostage’s phones. The last message we received from him came only a few minutes before the assault.

According to the operational leadership and the commandos that stormed Dubrovka, Pavel’s information was invaluable. Not only did it help them make the right decisions, it also saved the lives of hundreds of hostages, as well as the commandos that rescued them.

For courage and bravery shown in the performance of his civic duty in circumstances involving great risk to life, by Presidential Decree Pavel Yurievich Platonov was awarded the Order of Courage, posthumously.

Written by Sergei Kolesnikov in the magazine ‘Bratishka’.

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1. Он был моим тренером
Written by Кирилл Макаров, on 13-12-2020 10:20
Я учился в 501 школе. В 1992–95 он преподавал рукопашный бой детям. Я помню до сих пор его приемы самообороны. Я не знал что он там погиб. Хороший был человек. Патриот и семьянин. Мои соболезнования семье. Сейчас таких героев не найти. Спасибо за все наш всеми уважаемый «Палка-Юрка»…

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