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Zakharov, Pavel
Written by родители   
Пятница, 27 Апрель 2007

Age — 23; Russia, Moscow.

Our Pavel was born one beautiful spring day on the 28th of April in 1979.  It was a real lucky day for his parents, because their son was born on his mother’s birthday.

Our Pavel was a very kind and sympathetic person.  He loved life; he loved his little brother, grandmother, and parents.  Pavel graduated with honors from high school and the institute, always helping his fellow students.  He could have become a good specialist. 

But his life ended too early, and not of his own free will, but due to harsh people, whom, we believe, the Lord God will judge, since there was no forgiveness here on earth.

The most terrible thing in life is to lose your loved ones, but even worse is to lose you children.  Our son died at Dubrovka.  He died at the hands of the terrorists.  Wounded in the head, for almost three hours he lay bleeding until they took him from the theater and to the hospital.  Once there, he was operated on, but, unfortunately, they could not save our son.

What we would like to say to you now, our son, is forgive us.  We will not say farewell, because you are always with us.

Written by his parents.

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