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WikiLeaks reveals 9/11 secrets
Written by Артем Зайковский   
Среда, 02 Февраль 2011
ImageThe scandalous Australian website WikiLeaks continues to publish U.S. diplomatic correspondence. In a secret dispatch from Qatar, previously unknown details about the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, were disclosed.
On February 11th, 2010, employees of U.S. embassy in Doha were sent a secret message from U.S. intelligence agencies with information on a citizen of the United Arab Emirates by the name of Mohamed al-Mansouri. The dispatch suggested that the UAE citizen was on a list of persons who posed a threat to air travel of the U.S. and other countries. The letter noted the need to investigate Mansouri for aiding in terrorist activities.
As the authors of the memo clarify, before the September 11th tragedy, three alleged terrorist accomplices arrived in the U.S. to reconnoiter potential targets of attack. On August 15th, 2001, Qatar nationals Meshal Al-Hajri, Abdullah Fahad, and Ali al-Fahayd arrived in the U. S. During trips to New York and Washington, the individuals visited, among other facilities, the World Trade Center, the White House, and the Statue of Liberty.
A week after arriving in America, the Qatar citizens went to Los Angeles and stayed at a local hotel, where they raised the suspicions of the staff. After hotel staff noticed clothes reminiscent of pilot uniforms, as well as printouts of flight schedules, the men refused to let their rooms be cleaned.
According to the diplomatic cable, on September 10th the group intended to fly to Washington aboard the same flight that one day later was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon. The three Qatari citizens did not take that flight, however, and flew instead to London, from where they returned to their homeland.
This group was not mentioned in the foreign media or the official report by the commission investigating the September 11th attacks. An FBI investigation found, however, that a third party paid for the tickets and Los Angeles hotel bills for the Qatari group. It turned out to be Mohamed al-Mansouri, whose involvement in the terrorist attack was mentioned in the diplomatic dispatch.
Recall that on September 11th, 2001, terrorists hijacked four passenger aircraft within the U. S. Two were sent against the World Trade Towers, while the other two were sent against the Pentagon and White House. As a result, some three thousand were killed. The independent commission of inquiry into the tragedy concluded that the U.S. government was aware of preparations for the attacks, but ignored the information.
Ten years after the tragedy there is still no world consensus regarding the organizers of these attacks. According to the official theory, the culprit in the air attacks was the al-Qaeda terrorist network.
By Artyom Zaykovsky, February 2nd, 16:00
In ‘Utro.ru’

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