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KND plans bring citizens home from Syria
Written by Артем Петров   
Среда, 23 Октябрь 2013

KND plans bring citizens home from Syria through peaceful negotiations

Today the KND (Kazakhstan Security Service) officially confirmed that citizens of Kazakhstan have actually gone to fight in Syria. According to operational data, about a hundred of our fellow citizens from different regions are presently located in the zone of conflict.  KND officers are now carefully checking them out, and plan peaceful negotiations in order to repatriate those who have committed no serious crimes.

Kendebay Adambekov, Chief of Staff of the Antiterrorist Center of the KND of the Republic of Kazakhstan: “We are conducting measures through their parents and close relatives in order to bring them home. For each man’s return, their family will have certain decisions made in their favor. This is for the return of those who have not committed crimes, who were unable to participate or to act in a terrorist group.”

Investigators do not rule out that some Kazakhs who went to Syria, such as wives and young children, ended up in militant camps against their will and certainly had not gone to war for money. Young men are likely to have been victims of very powerful propaganda. Relatives of many jihadists, by the way, are also certain that their relatives have been simply brainwashed. Security officials have carefully studied a video in which Kazakhs make a speech, and they came to the conclusion that the leaders of foreign terrorist groups use our fellow citizens initially to promote extremism, then later as cannon fodder during combat operations. The Chief of Staff of the Antiterrorist Center assures us that they intend to continue strict measures to prevent even the slightest attempt at extremist propaganda in Kazakhstan.

Kendebay Adambekov, Chief of Staff of the antiterrorist center of the KND: “First of all, this is an instrument to influence the minds of our youth. Clearly we understand that these movies were filmed outside our country and focus not just on our youth, but on the youth of other Arab countries.”


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