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Radio intercepts of Emergency Ministry conversations
Written by   
, 26 2002
1st VOICE: Peace-1' to Peace-586'.

2nd VOICE: Ihear you, Peace-1'.

1st VOICE: Peace-1', have the people left? Havethey left? Moremedics! Ifthere are medics, send all of themhere!

2nd VOICE: Received, received. Everyone's already movedup.

1st VOICE: On de-mining. Fornow they're not letting anyone up to the second floor. There are a lot of bodies in the foyer. They're all bodies. We'll carry them to the street. We'll carry them. There aren't enough ambulances. Weneed medics.
2nd VOICE: Received. There's wreckage?

1st VOICE: No, no. There's no wreckage. Everyone's busy. Alpha' are all busy carrying people out into the street, into the freshair.

2nd VOICE: Without fail stay in communications. Stayincomm.

1st VOICE: Received. Noone's there. There's no one toleave.

2nd VOICE: Okay. Report in as possible.

1st VOICE: Received, received. I'm going offcomm.

3rd VOICE: (Through noise.) to 59'.

2nd VOICE: Receiving 13'.

3rd VOICE: (Noise.)

2nd VOICE: The info didn't get through. 59', you're not getting through, not getting through (incomprehensible) throughtrans.

4th VOICE: 13', how do you readme?

2nd VOICE: Who isthis?

4th VOICE: this is 18'. They're working in smoke. Everyone's inplace.

2nd VOICE: Repeat that oncemore.

4th VOICE: They're working in smoke; in smoke they're working.

2nd VOICE: In smoke, correct?

4th VOICE: Yes, yes.

2nd VOICE: Received. Theair equipment has moved forward. Theequipment has moved forward. Everyone's coming to you. Allcolumns haveleft.

4th VOICE: All, received.

(Noises, unintelligible conversation with only single words understandable.)

2nd VOICE: 13', they're not receiving you, go ahead; I'll transmit foryou.

(Noises, unintelligible conversation with only single words understandable.)

2nd VOICE: 13' to 18'. 13' is standingby.

4th VOICE: Everyone, move up to the line, and all extra staff move to the entrance, to the entrance.

2nd VOICE: No understood, not understood, repeat.

4th VOICE: Everyone, everyone, everyone stop at the line, and all extra staff gothere.

2nd VOICE: Received, received. Tothe central entrance, correct?

4th VOICE: Correct, correct.


2nd VOICE: Attention all groups! Attention all group leaders! Allvehicles stop at the designated line. Extra staff, move forward to the central entrance. Howdo you read? Over.

(Noises, unintelligible conversation with only single words understandable.)

2nd VOICE: Who called for 13'?


2nd VOICE: 59', let Shaman' transmit for you. You're full of static. Ican't receiveyou.

5th VOICE: All doctors, all doctors come here, anyone who ishere.

2nd VOICE: Received, received. They've allleft.

5th VOICE: A LIAZ' just drove up, a LIAZ' droveup.

2nd VOICE: Shaman' to 13'.

2nd VOICE: Ask 59'. Mineall left, everyone reported that they are in route. Should Imoveup?

4th VOICE: 59' to 18'.

5th VOICE: (Through noise, unintelligible.) All, all leave your duty officers and moveup.

6th VOICE: 13' to Shaman'

2nd VOICE: I'm receivingyou.

6th VOICE: Everyone to move up, anyone in general. Leave the duty officers and the rest moveup.

2nd VOICE: We'reoff.

7th VOICE: 13' to Engineer', 13' to Engineer'.

WOMAN'S VOICE: 13' has left, heleft.

(Noises, unintelligible conversation with only single words understandable.)

VOICE: No one reported the diagnoses.

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