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Cell phone call from inside the auditorium by hostage A.Andrianova
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, 15 2007
The war muststop!


Our colleagues Anna Andrianova and Zhanna Tolstova are among the hostages on Melnikov Street, and they have stated that there is a mass disinformation campaign against the public ongoing in themedia.

Once again, yesterday we were in contact with Anya she is the only one allowed to use the phone and pass on the terrorists' demands. Themedia's broadcasts, according to her, carry a specific political undertone.

We are afraid, she states. We can only hear the radio, but the receiver is not very loud and we don't know which station it is. Themain thing is that everywhere there is deza' (disinformation). Theyall talk about how we're drinking, how we're being fed, what we're being fed, if they are taking us to the toilet ornot.
Taking us Well, it's understandable that these aren't domestic conditions! Butwe're suffering because we're worried for our lives, not because of the food. Itis cynical to discuss the quality of the food in such a situation. Onecan go a few days without eating, anyway, especially since everything is really so intellectual. Butfor some reason we say one thing in an interview, and then 15minutes later the journalists broadcast something on the air that's completely different! Forexample, we wrote a message to Putin completely voluntarily, but later we heard that there was some kind of pressure.

Among the hostages is a doctor, and Anya says that he thinks that people are suffering most of all from the stressful situation.

Because nothing is being done for our rescue, Anya pronounces these words quietly into the telephone. With such background stress people's chronic health problems get worse: cardio-circulatory, gastro-intestinal, and other problems.

For now there have been no crisis with high blood pressure, but the people's blood pressures, naturally, have jumped. There are also some women in the later stages of pregnancy, and for them it is insanely difficult.

Someone said that they can clearly see Stockholm Syndrome' in us. Well, do people really not understand that such information can make us seem inadequate in the public's view, and justify any kind of action in the end?

The girls say let the people go out into the streets, because the probability that we are going to get blown up is great, the situation is rather frightful.

Really, no one needs war, neither subjectively or objectively. Objectively, because people are destroyed in war. Subjectively, because we could be destroyed. Wesee that the solution to the problem lies in the Russian people going out and saying that they don't need this war. Notjust the relatives need to do this, but all the rest of the people. Everyone has children. Theyall have to go to school and kindergarten, but we can never cease worrying about our children, our relatives, and our loved ones!

Anya and Zhanna also said that if Masha Shkolnikova not made contact, then the inaction of our special services would have stopped a bit earlier:

We are dying of fright. Frominaction. Wecan't sleep. Butthe media reports that some of us our being beaten, that some are fed and some are not fed, that there are a thousand of us, that there are five hundred. It's obvious that they want to minimize us, and to talk about harsh treatment so that they can supposedly save us from death. Thepatience of these people can come to an end, and they'll take things all theway.

It was awful on the first night, but it got a little easier later a faint glimmer of hope flashed by. Butthe journalists have once again started to lie, and so that hope has faded. That's how it is, all thetime

The situation is very complicated. Colleagues! Ifyou can't help us, well, at least don't do anything stupid!
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