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Tyukachev, Alexander
Валентин Павлович, Ваша жена не является нашим родственником
11/12/21 20:54 more...
author Ольга Патрушевa

Показ фильма «Общее/ частное. Норд-Ост»
Фильм был доступен до 1 ноября текущего года.
01/11/21 22:30 more...
author Дирекция кинокомпании

Показ фильма «Общее/ частное. Норд-Ост»
Наша боль
Смотреть, как плачут мужчины-непросто. Трагедия "Норд-Оста" у нас общая и боль общая...Мы переживаем ее и проживаем эти ...
26/10/21 16:41 more...
author Алена

Чечня скорбит вместе с вами.. Простите………….
26/10/21 19:26 more...
author Фатима

Prisyazhnova, Elena
Похоронена на Новолюберецком кладбище.
08/09/21 08:50 more...
author Анна

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Written by Maro K., on 09-03-2016 15:57
...it's true, I didn't know why you stopped writing, Max. I didn't know for quite a long time, I think for about seven years.. and I was sad, disappointed, even angry at you, 'cause you suddenly, for a mysterious reason, just stopped writing. I sent you a couple of letters at first, then I stopped - I was hurt, I couldn't expain it! You certainly had guessed that I had feelings for you - although we 'd never met in person! - but well, teenage girls are often like that, kind of romantic.. well, I believed at the time that you also maybe felt something for me, and I was so so so happy that you would finally come that summer to greece, to finally meet in person! Oh had I made plans for that summer...! I was really looking forward to it, excited on the one hand, little scared on the other - would I still like you in person, would you like me?.. Well, then, you suddenly just stopped writing, no explanation..  
I was really hurt, but at the beginning I kept looking for you from time to time on the internet, then I stopped.. and one afternoon, I think it was about seven years after your death, I decided to google your name again after a long time, and I bumped onto this article in english, finally learning what really happened to you so many years ago, finally understanding why you just stopped writing.. and I cried for you, Max. I cried 'cause what happened to you was just unfair. Because you had so many dreams and the will to fullfill them. Because you were kind, cultivated, smart, passioned. Cause you had a good heart. Cause you were special. Cause you just didn't deserve it.  
Another six or seven years have passed since I found out about you.. I became a doctor, I'm married now, I even have a little son. But I still keep thinking of you from time to time, and when I do, tears still come to my eyes. So I just wanted you to know.  
Your once upon a time girlfriend penpal from Greece,  
Maro K.