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Two kilograms of TNT were placed under the wheels of the Moscow-Petersburg train
Written by РосБизнесКонсалтинг   
Вторник, 14 Август 2007

In RosBiznesKonsalting, August 14th, 2007


The wreck of the Moscow to Saint Petersburg train that happened yesterday has been labeled a terror act. The Russian Prosecutor General’s office in the Northwest federal district has opened a criminal base according to Article 205 of the Russian Criminal Codex (“acts of terrorism”).

Law enforcement agencies reported that the rail line was torn apart by a homemade device with a power of about two kilograms of TNT.

Wires were found at the scene, indicating that the device was manually controlled. The bomb was laid right in front of a bridge: it is not ruled out that the terrorists’ plan was for train cars to fall from the bridge and cause a great loss of life.

This scenario was avoided only thanks to the high speed with which the train was traveling, i.e.: the train managed to cross the bridge and did not fall in the river. The professionalism of the engineer also saved the day, as he was able to stop the train in time, and signal arriving trains about the accident.

On board the wrecked train were 231 passengers and 20 railway employees. As a result of the crash 27 persons were injured, 6 requiring hospitalization (earlier the Russian Railways reported that 60 were injured).

The Russian Prosecutor General’s office has taken investigation of the crash of the Nevsky Express under its personal control. Also participating in the investigation are officers from the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), who are working directly at the scene.

Meanwhile, security at the Moscow train station in Saint Petersburg has been increased. Units providing public safety were moved to high alert. Reinforcement took place on August 13th, 2007, just as the first reports of the accident on train #166, Moscow-Petersburg, were coming in. Increased numbers of units from the Northwest military district will be at the Moscow train station under special orders.

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1. снова теракт…
Written by Лана, on 14-08-2007 12:05
Не знаю, как у других, а у меня от этого известия возникает страшное сравнение с 2004 годом: взрывы самолетов — взрыв у Рижской — Беслан…

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