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Kurbatova, Christina
Милые, хорошие наши детки!!! Так просто не должно быть, это больно, это нечестно, это ужасно.
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Grishin, Alexey
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Panteleev, Denis
Вот уже и 21 год , а будто как вчера !!!!
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Терракт в Палестине, Сектор Газа
Сегодня в гражданскую больницу Палестины прилетела ракета, погибли до 1000 человек, весь мир взбудоражен. И я оказался н...
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Written by Станислав Скобло   
Среда, 30 Октябрь 2002
ЗаложникDischarged hostages re-hospitalized

They had not managed to resuscitate every hostage and identifying every dead victim of the terrorist attack, when Moscow hospitals began to receive new patients from among the ‘Nord-Ost’ spectators. These people had already passed through every level of Hell, and were seemingly recovered and sent home, when, only a day later, they were once again forced to head back to the health facilities. In doctor-speak this is referred to as “re-treatment.”
As ‘MK’ discovered, the first swallow to return to Capistrano was a 19-year-old Moscow girl who showed up last night at one of the city clinics. The girl, like everyone else, had inhaled the gas during the assault on the ball bearing plant’s theatrical center. She was hospitalized in fair condition, and later released. Now she was back for a new visit to the hospital. The reason: severe liver pain. According to the physicians, this is a long-term consequence of the chemical attack.

“Many simply will not recover,” admitted a clinic employee to our ‘MK’ reporter on condition of anonymity. “We don’t really know what we’re trying to treat, or what kind of gas was used. So this means we’ve got to do a full workup and ‘run’ the patient past all the specialists. But when there’s an endless stream of these, who’s going to deal with it? The main job seems to be getting them back on their feet and out the door.”

The specialists do not rule out that the use of gas in the theater center may affect the hostages for weeks or even months. People may develop kidney, liver, and other vital organ damage, but at this time it is impossible to determine this, and it seems that few are interested in such “trivia”.

Also yesterday, high-level “debriefings” on the subject continued: about how the doctors performed during the morning of the assault. There are many questions, alas. There are actually no complaints about the ambulance medics, and there should not be any: doctors and paramedics worked as if driven. There are a lot more questions, however, about the Center for Emergency Medical Assistance. The medics are unanimous: the organization of casualty sorting near the theater center was awful. Someone came up the “clever” idea of delivering the poisoned casualties to hospitals on buses, which is simply unacceptable. ‘MK’ has already reported that many of the hostages who died did so during this little excursion. Once again, almost half of the casualties for some reason were sent to the 13th Municipal Hospital, even though the best poison center in the city is at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute.

By the way, rank and file hospital employees were also unpleasantly surprised by the fury with which their superiors are hiding all information about the casualties. At one hospital, for example, about a dozen police officers are on duty in the admissions department! They are not there to protect patients, but “super valuable” lists of names of victims – in case someone might suddenly want to get a hold of these.

The SWAT police at the admissions office are frankly bored, and they recall bygone days. They say that several of their own were also poisoned are located at the 13th Municipal Hospital (and, by the way, doctors who were in close contact with the hostages also complain of headaches). They say that assault troops after their successful attack enjoyed the pleasures of the devastated snack bar in the theater lobby, taking some liquor home with them, and that several of the terrorist women were finished off in a truly sadistic way — by directing the muzzle of an assault rifle in the region of the vagina and pulling the trigger. By the way, mortuaries really did receive several bodies with precisely such “specific” gunshot wounds.

By Stanislav Skoblo
October 29th, 2002, in ‘Moskovsky Komsomolets’

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