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Terrorists put up fierce armed resistance
Written by ИТАР-ТАСС   
Воскресенье, 27 Октябрь 2002

During the hostage rescue operation in the theatrical center on Melnikov Street, the terrorists put up a fierce armed resistance, wounding and causing blast injuries to several security service commandos. Spokesmen from the ‘Alfa’ and ‘Vympel’ directorates of the FSB Special Forces Center participating in the operation gave this report to journalists.

According to them, many of the bandit hostage takers “were still fully conscious, so we had to work accurately and we hadn’t have much time, so that’s how the groups worked.”
The security forces representatives reported that entrance into the theatrical center building was carried out in two directions.

Almost immediately after entering the building, the security forces “were met with armed resistance from assault rifles,” said the spokesman for the ‘A’ directorate.

“One of the terrorists was destroyed by gunfire in the corridor, and, when they entered the room, where two days ago Barayev and his associates gave an interview, they were met by automatic weapons fire from inside,” said the ‘Alfa’ representative. The militants were destroyed with counter fire and grenades.

The entry of the special units directly into the auditorium, where the hostages were located, was from the direction of the stage and through the main entrance, reported the spokesman from the ‘V’ directorate.

According to him, the bandits that were set up on the stage opened fire on the security forces, but were destroyed by automatic weapons fire in response.

Near the entrance to the auditorium, the commandos killed a terrorist woman who tried to take a shot and even throw a grenade. “In one hand she had a gun, and in the other a grenade with the pin already removed, but she never managed to open her hand” and was shot, said the ‘V’ directorate representative.

As a result of combat with the bandits, who were “well prepared”, several members of the special units “were wounded and received shell shock,” the journalists’ source emphasized.

In evaluating the actions of the special units during this operation, representatives of the FSB Special Forces Center declared: “the groups worked with great professionalism, though not without a bit of luck.”

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