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Terrorist attack in Vladikavkaz
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, 09 2010
ImageAccording to the latest information from the North Ossetian Interior Ministry, an explosion near the central marketplace killed 15people and injured 80, for the most part with blast injuries. TheEmergency Ministry is preparing a special medical flight to Vladikavkaz.
Arriving on the scene was Northern Ossetia head Taymuraz Mamsurov. According to him, it has already been determined that an improvised explosive device was detonated by a suicide bomber.
According to law enforcement agencies, a car parked near the marketplace was detonated. Notlong afterwards, another suspicious vehicle was located and found to be booby-trapped.
Due to the threat of a second explosion, an immediate evacuation was carried out. Right next to the site was an employment office, and a school, from which they are now taking children. Police cordoned off the area adjacent to the market, and cellular communications in the central part of the city were jammed, reported Russia 24.
It was also reported that Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Russian president's representative in the North Caucasus Federal District, Alexander Khloponin, to immediately fly to Vladikavkaz.
As was just reported by the Emergency Ministry, a special medical aircraft is preparing to fly to Vladikavkaz.
At the republic's health ministry it was reported to 'Interfax' that wounded were arriving at hospitals with blast injuries. Medical facilities for now are able to cope with the influx, but if it is deemed necessary victims of the explosion will be sent to Moscow for treatment.
The Interior Ministry declared that the type of car blown up was likely a VAZ-2109 or VAZ-2114, but for now it is impossible to ascertain exactly which type, because the vehicle was heavily mangled.
At this time there is on the scene a device that suppresses mobile communications, they stated at the Interior Ministry. Representatives from every operational service in the capital have traveled to the scene.
A criminal case related to the blast in Vladikavkaz was initiated under articles of the Criminal Code, dealing with: Terrorist acts, Murder of two or more persons, and Illicit trafficking in weapons, according to Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for the North Caucasus procurator's office, speaking to ITAR-TASS.
On March 19th, 1999, a powerful explosion went of in Vladikavkaz's central marketplace at about he same location as today's blast. Thesuicide attack killed 52people and injured around 200.
On July 9th, 2000, an explosive device planted under a car parked on the square near the same marketplace was detonated. Backthen, six were killed and 18injured. OnNovember 10th, 2001, a device with an explosive power equivalent to a kilogram of TNT exploded in the Falloy marketplace, also in Vladikavkaz. Fivepersons were killed, and 44wounded.
On June 5th, 2003, a terrorist attack occurred in Mozdok (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania). Abus filled with service members and civilian specialists from a Russian air base was attacked by a suicide bombed. Twenty were killed, and 15wounded.
On April 28th, 2002, a bomb equivalent to 500grams of TNT was detonated in a suicide attack on a marketplace in Vladikavkaz, killing eight people and injuring more than 40.
On November 6th, 2008, a van taxi was blown up on a square in the center of Vladikavkaz, by the 'Friendship' movie theater and the 'Globe' marketplace. Theblast killed 12and wounded 41. Thebomb had an explosive force equivalent to 500grams of TNT and was set off by a female suicide bomber.
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