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New film by Vadim Tsalikov
Written by Киностудия "М"-Фильм"   
Вторник, 01 Апрель 2014

Beslan. MemoryThe famous Russian documentary filmmaker Vadim Tsalikov has completed work on a new film, “Beslan – Memory”. It is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Beslan tragedy.

The director’s powerful statement will leave no one indifferent. The film is based on the recollections of those children of yesterday, who were taken hostage by terrorists and are now adults.

The movie is about how they live, what they think, and what are their concerns.

The film will premiere at the A. I. Solzhenitsyn ‘Russian About’ Center in Moscow on September 18th, 2014, but the film is already stirring great interest at film festivals in Russia and abroad.

The movie will be at the following film festivals:

  • April 16–20, 2014: Competing in the “Terrorism — a world threat” program at the 16th International film festival, “DetectiveFEST” in Moscow, Russia.
  • April 21–25, 2014: Competing in the International Festival of Films for Children and Youth in Samara, Russia.
  • May 16, 2014: There will be a screening at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Brussels, Belgium.
  • May 27, 2014: There will be a screening at the Russian Cultural Center in Rome, Italy.
  • May 22–31, 2014: Competing in the “Golden Knight” program at the 23rd International Film Festival in Tomsk, Russia.

From Studio ‘M’-Film

Results of the 16th DetectiveFEST Film Festival

Section II, Thematic nominations
1. “Terrorism — a world threat” — on the struggle against terrorism, extremism, xenophobia, racial and religious hatred:

1.1 Documentary
Winner: «Shimon Peres — a man of the future», by TV studio 'Klotho-Plus', Russia.

Nominee certificates:
• «The Last Nazi hunter», by 'Gon Productions' and 'Ti-ti-vi Productions', Israel.
• «Beslan — Memory», by Studio 'M'-film, Russia.

From the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation

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