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Films on terrorism shown in Voronezh
Written by "РОССИЯ" Воронеж   
Четверг, 29 Март 2007

GTRK «Voronezh»

An exhibition of films on that 21st-century disease — terrorism — took place in the building housing the local branch of the actor's union, or 'House of Actors'. The spectators saw films on the apartment blasts on the Kashirsk highway, and on the tragedy at 'Nord-Ost'. Voronezh was touched by these terrible events — the bloody hands of the terrorists reached even here. We also lived through that cold 'northeast' wind, but not at the theatrical center at Dubrovka, but in the nearby PTU (polytechnic university). During the act of terror more there were more people there than in the theater. For three days relatives of the hostages remained at the PTU and forever afterwards were joined together in tragedy. Officially they have banded together in order to help those affected by the terrorist attacks on Beslan, Moscow, Voronezh, and New York, to get on with lives.

Tatiana Karpova, cochairman of the 'Nord-Ost' regional community organization: “We furnished statistics that no one had ever seen before. In the last few years, from 1995 to 2006, there were 55 large acts of terror on Russian territory, during which 20,379 persons suffered, including 20 from Voronezh, by the way.”

During the summer of 2004  Voronezh was shaken by a series of blasts that took place at bus stops. Several Voronezh residents were injured, and Elena Frolova was killed. In 2002, after ‘Nord-Ost’, in Alexey Molofeev was buried at the Comintern cemetery here.

Thirty-five Russian cities were part of the film ‘A Cargo of 200’. Five years later their fellow residents can now see what parts their people played in this, their last musical.

Another film about the act of terror in the center of Moscow shows the events through the eyes of foreign journalists. It is almost 50 minutes long and without hypotheses or conjectures, just documentary shots and short explanations by the author when something is unclear or there is no sound. This BBC film, titled ‘Terror in Moscow’ is now the chronicle on the events at Dubrovka.

Dmitry Milovidov, a member of the coordinating committee of the ‘Nord-Ost’ regional community organization: “Some materials are still rather ‘raw’. Many networks filmed more detailed films about ‘Nord-Ost’, but it is important for to us to be the first to truthfully show these materials. (‘Terror in Moscow’) producer Mark Franketti was also one of the negotiators at ‘Nord-Ost’. He entered the captured auditorium and interviewed the terrorists.”

There were 130 deaths in the theater, and 125 volumes in the criminal case. Extracts from these were published in a book by the ‘northeasterners’: ‘An incomplete investigation’. It is a samizdat, self-published book.

Other retrospectives on the events are planned in the Urals. They say that for many the story of ‘Nord-Ost’ is still untold. Anastasia Molofeeva, mother of a Voronezh resident who died at ‘Nord-Ost’, also came to the exhibition. She wanted to look at the documentaries, for perhaps she might see a glimmer of her only son flash by in the frames.

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