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Letyago, Alexandra
норд ост
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Иван И. Твердовский: «Продюсеры не хотели связыват...
норд ост
посмотрел фильм мне понравился фильм все четко без вранья и приукрашиваний единственое что я думаю если бы я пережил нор...
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‘Nord-Ost’: The Story of Sandy Booker
Hello Lyudmilla, I was in Moscow 48 hours before the Dubrovka siege. I was no different than Sandy, except I didnt bu...
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author thad beyer

Platonov, Pavel Yurievich
Он был моим тренером
Я учился в 501 школе. В 1992-95 он преподавал рукопашный бой детям. Я помню до сих пор его приемы самообороны. Я не знал...
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author Кирилл Макаров

Kiselev, Anatoly
Могу вам помочь
Здравствуйте, Геннадий! Некоторое время я работала в одной фирме с Анатолием Киселевым. Кажется, могу дать вам телефон...
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author Любовь

Dubrovka terrorist attack on stage in Spain
Written by РИА НОВОСТИ   
Четверг, 06 Март 2008
The famous Spanish theater collective ‘La Fura dels Baus’ has put the Dubrovka terrorist attack on stage, holding a premier on Thursday in the city of Molina de Segura (in the southeast of the country). A spokesman from the theater group reported this to ‘Novosti’.
“The play does not attempt to reproduce the tragedy suffered by the Russians in the theater on Dubrovka, it merely begins with this event in order to discuss terrorism as a global evil,” explained the spokesman.
The tragedy, which went down in history as the terrorist attack on Dubrovka, took place in Moscow in the autumn of 2002. A showing of the popular musical ‘Nord-Ost’ in the theatrical center building was interrupted when an armed band of 40 terrorists broke in and took 912 people hostage, including women and children.
After nearly three days, most of the hostages were rescued from the booby-trapped building, and the terrorists were killed. 130 hostages perished.
“The terrorist attack on Dubrovka left an indelible mark on the whole world, including Spain, so we had the idea to devote a play to this tragic event”, the spokesman said.
According to him, the play’s characters are watching ‘Boris Godunov’ when subjected to attack by the terrorists.
“The play marked a new stage for the theater group, which until recently was fond of open-air performances,” according to the spokesman. “The seriousness of the plot forced us to return to the theater hall in order to put the audience in the same seating for a stronger sense of tragedy.”
The author of the play is playwright David Plana. The producer-director is Alex Olle.
After the premiere, the team intends to show its new work during a tour of Spain and Western Europe.
The Theatre La Fura dels Baus was founded in Barcelona in 1976. It puts on drama and opera in a contemporary style with the latest theatrical technologies. In 1992, the theater staff was asked to take part in the opening of the Olympic games in Barcelona, where it organized a grandiose show.

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