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Frolova, Dar'ya
Не знаю почему стала смотреть по ссылке ролик про Троекуровское и знаменитые могилы, про Юлию Началову ... Среди прочих ...
18/05/19 17:13 more...
author Алёна

In memory of Politkovskaya
In memory of Politkovskaya
raise the voice on terrorism victims
10/05/19 11:18 more...
author bestro

Rozgon, Svetlana
Любимый Светлячок))))
Любая проблема может стать началом пути к успеху, если к проблеме отнестись с юмором) Ты можешь навечно погрузиться в...
06/05/19 05:54 more...
author Андрей

Vasilev, Konstantin
Я помню Константина по КВВКИУ РВ. Он был старше на курс. Познакомились на полосе препятствий где занимались рукопашники,...
04/03/19 15:39 more...
author Анискин Михаил Викторович

Magerlamov, Oleg
Олег Магерламов
Трагедия России в центре Москвы с захватом террористами восьмисот заложников - зрителей и артистов спектакля "Норд-Ост" ...
27/02/19 13:25 more...
author Краснодарское муниципальное ле

Is it realistic to believe that we are safe?
Written by Наталья Штеле   
Четверг, 21 Ноябрь 2013

ImageI cannot say that I suffer from weak nerves – these have been steeled after more than 10 years in journalism. During this time I have lost track of how many crisis situations I found myself in, but nothing truly scary has ever happened.

I have never been so frightened for my life, or that of those I love, that I had to scrutinize the inside of a bus or subway car for explosive devices. Although for almost half a year — since active preparations for the World Student Games began — they have been calling on us to do this on public transport.

Trucks still park right next to public places without causing worry. Forgotten packages on the porch do not frighten us.

Right now there are so many alarming reports from Tatarstan, and so little reliable information, that putting together a coherent picture about what is going on, or believing that the situation is under control, is more and more difficult.

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Strasbourg, a Russian city
Written by Елена Власенко   
Понедельник, 28 Октябрь 2013

ImageWhat the European Court of Human Rights can and cannot do when considering the complaints from citizens of the Russian Federation

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regularly requires the Russian Federation to pay compensation to its citizens. For its part, the Russian Federation implicitly executes the court’s decisions. The restoration of justice, however, is far more complicated. It is probably because of this that the stream of complaints from citizens of Russia in Strasbourg is only growing.

Beslan waits

In the near future the ECHR may end the communication phase on complaints from the Beslan victims. The communication phase is the name of the procedure during which the court shall inform a state defendant of a complaint, and the state responds to the court’s questions. These questions are based on the arguments of the applicant. The applicant, in turn, responds to the state’s responses. The most probable date for completion of this phase is the end of 2013. Karinna Moskalenko, head of the International Protection Center and one of the leading experts on the ECHR, is one of the representatives of the Beslan victims. She expressed this assumption in an interview with the newsmagazine ‘Sovershenno Sekretno’. The victims expressed this same hope during the latest — the ninth — anniversary of the tragedy.

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Written by Ксения Ларина   
Суббота, 26 Октябрь 2013

ImageKSENIYA LARINA: Good afternoon. This is Kseniya Larina at the mike and we are starting the program “Culture Shock”. Every year for the last 11 years we here in the studio mark those tragic days, because it was on that day that the awful situation at Dubrovka was tragically resolved, 11 years ago was this operation to liquidate a hotbed of terrorism and in the process killed 130 hostages. One hundred and thirty hostages. Children, actors, and theater workers, all killed at a performance of ‘Nord-Ost’ at Dubrovka, and now a part of history. There was an attempt to resurrect the play, to somehow extend its existence, but this did not work out. Today in our studio we have Dmitry Milovidov, a member of the ‘Nord-Ost’ (organization) coordinating council, and the father of two hostages, one of whom perished. Hello, Dmitry.

DMITRY MILOVIDOV: Good afternoon.

LARINA: Alexandra Rozovskaya is an actress, a leading actress from the Russian Academic Youth Theater. Hi, Sasha.


LARINA: At that time, 11 years ago, Sasha was part of the cast of ‘Nord-Ost’, part of the children’s troupe, and she spent all those days at Dubrovka. Marina Litvinovich is a social activist, a journalist, and a human rights activist. Welcome and hello, Marina.

LITVINOVICH: Good afternoon.

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Once again on 'Nord-Ost'
Written by Каринна Москаленко   
Суббота, 26 Октябрь 2013


ImageDue to health reasons, this year it was not possible for all of us to gather at that tragically famous spot on Dubrovka, the place where we lost brothers and sisters, children and parents, during the course of an operation more aimed at destroying terrorists than rescuing hostages. Certainly, history will answer the questions in full, but right now former hostages and relatives of deceased victims have already been fighting for the truth for 11 years. They are fighting for the truth about the case and the truth about the deaths of their loved ones.

Last year on this day dozens of hostages and their families gathered for a sad anniversary of the event — 10 years since the tragedy of 'Nord-Ost'. On that day, October 26th, 2012, our principal applicants in this case — old and new — signed an appeal to those obligated to assure the appropriate work of investigative bodies in our country so that they finally organize a thorough and independent investigation, pursuant to the decision of the European Court in the 'Nord-Ost' case ("Finogenov & Others v. Russia "), and to determine all those circumstances that the authorities so carefully conceal from its own citizens.

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Для российского суда антидот не изобретен
Written by Вера Челищева   
Четверг, 24 Октябрь 2013
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Image 23 октября исполнилось 11 лет захвату заложников на Дубровке — трагедия, о которой как-то постепенно забывается. Но только не родными погибших и бывшими заложниками, которые все эти 11 лет не перестают биться за правду. А именно — выясняют, кто издал приказ пустить по залу смертоносный газ и понесут ли спецслужбы ответственность за такую спасательную операцию, а власти — за бездарную помощь пострадавшим. Для «нордостовцев» этот, 2013 год стал своеобразным водоразделом. Российские власти окончательно показали им большую фигу: расследовать гибель 130 заложников как не собирались, так и не будем. Даже при наличии постановления Европейского суда, который в декабре 2011 года обязал российские власти провести эффективное расследование и представить «удовлетворительное и убедительное объяснение причин смерти заложников и установить степень ответственности должностных лиц за их смерть».

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