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Закон о социальной защите граждан, пострадавших от...
соц. защита пострадавших в терактах
Мой сын работал в Норд-Осте в оркестре, теракт был в его смену. Никаких ежемесячных и ежегодных компенсаций не получа...
18/12/19 17:52 more...
author Марина

Korablev, Vladimir
Похоронены на Хованском кладбище, северная территория
12/12/19 03:07 more...
author Павел

Radchenko, Vladimir
Спасибо , Сергей
Сергей , не случайно мы заходим сюда...На страницы памяти жертв Норд-Оста , на страницу памяти Вашего папы...Воистину Св...
26/11/19 17:51 more...
author Валя

Skopstova, Evgeniya
16 и 17 ноября 2019 года в подмосковном городе Дубне, на базе спорткомплекса «Волна», состоялся турнир по фехтованию сре...
24/11/19 05:20 more...
author Сергей

Simakov, Aleksandr
Спасибо, Илья Гинзбург
Регулярно читаю книгу памяти жертв Норд-Оста с огромным благоговением , слезами и скорбью. Удивительно , сколько замечат...
24/11/19 05:23 more...
author Валя

Lubyanka and Culture Park (metro station bombings).
Written by НСН   
Суббота, 29 Март 2014

Lubyanka and Culture Park (metro station bombings).  Do we even remember?

ImageOn March 29th, 2010, blasts rang out in the Moscow metro, killing more than 40. Four years later, experts told National News Service (NNS) that these tragic events have been largely forgotten, while those responsible for investigating the terrorist attacks merely pretend to do any work.

Four years have passed since the tragedy in the Moscow metro that killed 41 people. It was during the morning rush on March 29th, 2010, that suicide bombers set off bombs in the Lubyanka and Culture Park stations of the Sokolniki metro line. In addition to 41 dead, more than a hundred were injured, with many remaining disabled for life.

The National Antiterrorism Committee (NAC) named two underage Dagestan natives as the perpetrators. Claiming responsibility for the terrorist attacks was Doku Umarov, leader of the armed Caucasus underground. Some specialists, however, thought this was a PR move on his part, while others called Umarov's statement a fabrication. Throughout 2010, the FSB and Interior Ministry reported several times on the “destruction of the organizers” of the terrorist attacks, though no empirical evidence about the “destroyed ones” having been involved in the metro blasts was ever made public.

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Supervision of execution of judgments of the European Court
Written by Светлана Губарева   
Воскресенье, 23 Март 2014

ImageIn accordance with Article 46 of the Convention as amended by Protocol No. 11, the Committee of Ministers supervises the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. This work is carried out mainly at four regular meetings (DH meetings) every year.

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'Nord-Ost' at the Mogilev
Written by Денис Васильков   
Среда, 12 Март 2014

Drama Theatre stages a play that «takes your breath away»

The Mogilev Drama Theater's small stage is the setting for 'Nord-Ost', a documentary play by Torsten Buchsteiner. The premiere will take place on March 13th, but it is no longer possible to get there – tickets are sold out. The next available seats are not until April 27th.

ImageAs the name implies, the play is about the tragedy that took place in October of 2002 in the theater on Dubrovka in Moscow, when 42 terrorists took 850 people hostage and held them 57 hours. Gas was used during the hostage rescue operation, and 170 people were killed. After the public showing on March 11th, director Vladimir Petrovich stated: «It should not cease to excite us, as it is impossible to forget.»

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Quiet anniversary of a mysterious terrorist attack
Written by Виктор Черецкий   
Понедельник, 10 Март 2014

There are still many unanswered questions about the March 11th, 2004, Madrid bombings

March 11th marks the 10th anniversary of the largest terrorist attack in the history of Spain. Bombs planted by terrorists on four Madrid commuter trains killed 191 and injured 1,858.  Dozens remain invalids after the attack.


All of this is well remembered in Spain, but the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, like all previous ones, will be observed very quietly and modestly. Opposition to noisy memorial services consists of psychologists and the public organizations of survivors and the victims' relatives, who believe that excessive emotion could have adverse effects on the mental state of some of the injured. Therefore ceremonies will be limited, as always, to laying flowers at a monument to the victims of the tragedy at the Atocha train station, the Pozo and Santa Eugenia suburban platforms, in a memorial park, and at the regional administrative building. A memorial mass will be held, as well as a classical music concert.

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Nuremberg within us (portion of article)
Written by Дмитрий Менделеев   
Пятница, 28 Февраль 2014

Episode 3:
killer fireworks from brotherly Russia

Ручная аэрозольная граната Дрейф-2, ручная дымовая граната, а также изделия «Заря-2», «Факел-С», «Пламя-М» производятся в Российской ФедерацииThe first load of «humanitarian aid» from the Russian to the Ukrainian interior ministry arrived the day before the (Russian) Cabinet of Ministers issued Decree Number 13. This is evidenced by a state export control permit dated January 22nd, 2014, stating the basis for customs clearance being waybill number TsB/2–1, dated January 21st, 2014.

It is interesting that concentrated tear and nerve paralytic gas grenades would be imported under the UKTZED (Ukrainian Foreign Economic Goods Classification) code 3604900000, fireworks (see website).

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