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Senchenko, Sergey
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, 29 2002

Age 27; Russia, Moscow.

I met Sergey the first time during filming of the reality show Harem, which STS was broadcasting.

At first glance he seemed charming and a bit eccentric he loved making an impression on people. Once he was one of the soloists from the J-Power duet, but had to leave due to a difference of opinion with the producer, but during the filming of Harem everyone called him J.

He can play chess extremely well, and is always beating everyone in the production group. He loves sport in general, playing soccer, and is even a high-grade athlete, although he does not look like one.

Once when Ihad come back from a location shooting, and had nowhere to live, he invited me into his commune a single-room that Sergey and two friends were renting. Whenever he is not playing or composing music, he is listening to it. I am not a music lover, and really do not like electronic pop music in the Doctor Alban style, but Sergeys work does not bother me. Heknows how to play such music so that it does not seem shallow.

He has a sense of humor, and he is very open and cheerful, but his biggest character trait is, in my opinion, his fervor. I hope that J keeps his fervor. He needs it now more than ever.

Aleksey Yudnikov

Sergey Senchenko, a participant in the STS television show Harem, was seen by his friends on the news, which was broadcast a few hours after the storming of Nord-Ost. Medics were bustling about, and Sergey had an oxygen mask on his face. The boys were relieved he had been found! And so they went looking for him in the hospitals that had received hostages. He was on none of the lists of patients. They then went to Morgue #4. They physicians there showed them pictures of the dead hostages, and one of them was Sergey Senchenko.

He was born in Krasnoyarsk, but soon his family moved to Anapa. Sergey made it to Moscow seven years ago. He was a top-flight fellow and was successful at everything. He wrote music, not knowing a single note, and was even able to start a successful group. He was a dancer who even gave lessons to Anzhelika Varum herself. His little apartment on Street of the Year 1905was always full of friends. Then one day someone offered him a spot on Harem.

His best friend from the program was Larisa Shalneva. During a swim meet, Sergey went up to her and said: What a smile you have! The girl melted. Never before in my life had Iseen such a sensitive person. He could listen better than anyone.

Masha Shorstova, another participant on Harem, invited Sergey to Nord-Ost. She played Katya Tatarinova in the musical. After the hall was taken over by the terrorists, Masha and a few artists hid themselves in the makeup room, and latter were able to escape through a window. Sergey, however, was taken hostage. About an hour after the theater takeover, he called his friend Aleksey Ivanov on his cell phone. He asked him to tell the authorities not to attack, and that they met the terrorists demands. Otherwise were goners. Later, while the terrorists still had not taken his phone away, he laid down under his seat and called again. Aleksey said: He was often depressed, so Idid what Icould to calm him. The last time Sergey Senchenko called his friend was on Friday, at 8in the evening. Everything is fine with the food, theres even water. But its a problem with the toilet. Then he hung up. Only a few more hours remained to him.

Sergey was not a very healthy man, and often had infections of the upper respiratory tract. Not long before all of this he had suffered from angina, so his chances of surviving the lethal gas were extremely small

One should accept life like it was a fairy tale, one which can end at any moment. This was Sergey Senchenkos favorite phrase. He was only 27.

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