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Letyago, Alexandra
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, 29 2006
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Letyago, Alexandra
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Age 13; Kazakstan, Karaganda.

Happiness is a philosophical concept, and every family has its own HAPPINESS. Happiness in our family was SASHENKA.

Sasha was borne on July 16th, 1989, in the city of Karaganda, in Kazakhstan.

Happiness is a philosophical concept, and every family has its own HAPPINESS. Happiness in our family was SASHENKA.

Sasha was borne on July 16th, 1989, in the city of Karaganda, in Kazakhstan.

We awaited her birth with such impatience. Wewere filled with a feeling of happiness and pride, which comes giving birth to a new person on Earth. Anew time began in our family, the time of Sashenka's growth and maturation.

We were joyful at her first little tooth, her first baby steps, and her first word. Afeeling of pride enveloped us when Sasha, at 3years of age, learned the alphabet and read her firstwords.

From an early age she was a life-loving and cheerful child. Everything interested her. First, she loved having books endlessly read to her, and then she began to read to herself. Sheespecially loved to read books on history, or about great journeys. Thusinspired, Sasha would tell all about countries and their cities, about museums, music that she loved, theater, and painting. Itwas always interesting to discuss her new knowledge with her. Through Sasha's prism of perception, everything known became so bright, so unforgettable, and so new. Wedelighted in it all withher.

Sasha wrote stories, poems, and thought up games. Hergreat passion was the computer.

Sashas appearance was that of a tender, frail little girl, but she adored bicycle riding, roller skating, and skateboarding. Riding bikes with adults, she traveled about the entire city. Sheentertained everyone on the ride with her love of nature, and she loved riding to our dacha. And, of course, she loved animals, especially cats, dogs, and horses.

But the most surprising love that Sasha had was for people. Evenat only 13years of age, she already had a strong, winning personality, which was never indifferent, and knew when to bear responsibility for others. Herclassmates said: Sasha had lots of friends, and she never quarreled with anyone, ever. Wecalled her the 'lawyer', because shed solve not just our class conflicts, but other classes, and we followed her advice, and even her decisions. Sheknew how to solve any problem. Because of this, she was greatly respected in the school.

And certainly, one cannot fail to speak about her love for her parents and friends. Somehow, she loved them each their own way. Shewas so tender, and in this so very, very strong. Welooked on her as everyone's child, and friend. Shewould find a warm word for everyone, and wanted to care for all of us all in our old age. Wewere very happy withher.

We have now been deprived of our happiness. Theytook away our Sasha. Nowall that remains is the pain of loss, and the MEMORY of this amazingly bright, thirteen year oldgirl.

Who will answer forthis??

No one wants to answer!

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