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Zhabotinskiy, Yuriy
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, 15 2007
Age 48; Russia, Rybinsk.

Yura was an intelligent and talented person. Hegraduated from high school with a gold medallion, and from the Rybinsk Institute of Aviation Technology with the highest award, the Red Diploma. At25 he easily defended his masters dissertation in robotics at the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation. Asan instructor back at Rybinsk, he created a student construction bureau, called Robo-technology, where students cooperated with industry in preparing projects for their diplomas and further scientific activities. At35 Yuri defended his doctoral dissertation. Heauthored 30inventions, 3monographs, and many articles.

During the difficult 1990s, when industries were barely hanging on, he went into private enterprise. Hisbreadth of thought and talent as an organizer and director led him to create the Volstar holding company, which included several different types of firms. Hebecame the chairman of the board of directors for NPF Start, Inc., which was on the verge of bankruptcy. Hesaved the company and set it on the right track. Henot only generated ideas, but also knew how to realize them. Working in Moscow at the Consolidated Irkutsk Aviation Production Company, he was happy that his scientific knowledge and industry experience would finally be of use.

Despite the continuous pressure of work, Yura found time for sports, and never had problems with his health. Heplayed tennis, went kayaking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Inthe early part of October 2002, he mastered underwater diving, and intended to do more of this. Heloved to relax at his dacha, and in his sauna. Hehad brought a heap of stones from the Rybinsk Sea, bought a book on stone working, and was getting ready to build a wall (the flower borders he had done earlier), but time ran out.

Yura was a bright and benevolent person, and always ready to help. Hetook an active role in the destinies of people whom he met during his life. Heset many of his students and coworkers on their paths through life, and helped organized their affairs.

He treasured friendship and loved his family. Headored his daughter Olya, but when she had a son, Nikolashka, Yura was at the height of happiness. Heglowed all over, and was so very proud to be a grandfather.

It was always nice and easy being with him, and he was always smiling and joking. Evenin the auditorium at Nord-Ost, when Iwas begging his forgiveness for buying the tickets, he answered jokingly: Come on now, Tata. Youought to be happy when have Iever spent three days underfoot?

Next to us sat two girls, high school seniors (thank God Idid not find them among the dead in this memorial book!) One of them had Gorkys book Mother with her. Yurahad read it. Whenever the girls nerves were giving out and they were starting to cry, he distracted them with the book. Hecleverly related the events in theater with those events that would summon their courage. Hejoked that he was going to adopt them and make sure no harm ever came to them. Thegirls would smile, and one said that now they would find it interesting to read the book.

That is what he was like, my dear husband. Thatis how he will always remain in my heart and my memory.

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By Aleksander Melman and Vladislav Sedletskiy

Only yesterday, the friends and loved ones of Yuri Danilovich Zhabotinsky heard the tragic news. Wewrote about him and his wife Tatiana in the preceding issue of MK. Tatiana had come to Moscow for a few days from their home in Rybinsk, so that they could celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary together, and she had talked her husband into buying tickets for Nord-Ost.

On Sunday their daughter Olga found her mother at the Sklifosovsky Institute. Tatiana Zhabotinskaya is still in grave condition in the intensive care ward. Olgawas unable to find her father, despite going to all the hospitals listed as receiving hostages. Onlyin the evening of that same day was the body of Yuri Danilovich Zhabotinsky identified at Forensic Morgue #9 by his colleagues.

Yuri Zhabotinsky was an outstanding person. Hewas a doctor of technology, and had once been a teacher. InMoscow he worked as the director of department of information technology for the Consolidated Irkutsk Aviation Production Company. Hismain area of activity was avionics. Hiswife and daughter live in Rybinsk. YuriDanilovich lately had divided his time between Rybinsk and Moscow, and was often away on business, directing several ventures. Hewas intelligent by nature, intellectual, very energetic, and a fellow who loved a good joke. Headored his two-year-old grandson, who was named Nikolai Nikolaevich in honor of his other grandfather. Thisyear he had purchased an apartment in Moscow, and was getting ready to move his wife to the capital.

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