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Mother of 8 sentenced for telephonic terrorism in Shymkent
Written by Tengrinews.kz   
Среда, 18 Февраль 2015

ImageA mother of 8 children was convicted of telephonic terrorism for making a bomb threat at the Mega shopping center in Shymkent, according to a correspondent from Tengrinews.kz citing the Southern district court press service.

According to the verdict of Al-Farabi District Court on January 28, 2015 she was sentenced to deprivation of liberty for a term of three years. The woman was convicted under a law governing making false reports about a terrorist attack. According to investigators, at about 2 pm on July 11, 2014 the defendant entered the shopping mall, which is located at the intersection of Tauke Khan Prospect and Kunayev Boulevard.

It was stated in court, that: “at 3:37 pm, while located on the second floor of this shopping center, she dialed 102 on her cell phone, calling the operational control center of the Southern District Police Service, and knowingly made a false statement about an impending terrorist attack.”

It has been reported that her sentence for this act of telephonic terrorism has already begun.

Recall that the woman was arrested on July 11th for telephonic terrorism. According to her, two young men had left a package at the Mega Center in Shymkent. Emergency services rushed to the scene of the incident, and 700 people were evacuated from the mall. No bomb could be located, and police said that the woman acted out of hooliganism. After the phone call she threw her phone into a trash bin. It was noted that the woman was previously involved in a similar crime in the Kyzyl-Orda region. At the time, the court gave her a suspended sentence.

In Tengrinews.kz

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