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Safronova, Olga
Written by коллеги   
Четверг, 12 Февраль 2009
Age 24; from Moscow, Russia.

 I was Olga's immediate supervisor.  She was still an unopened blossom, and had so much that she wanted to learn.  She was an achiever.  During the elections she would not leave until she had poked her head in the office ten times and asked, «is there anything else for me to do?»

Of course, given her age she was quite a dreamer.  Her mother was always asking me to be stricter with her and keep her on track.  Olga's mother had grandiose plans for her, and wanted great success for her daughter.  This is understandable — Olga was her only child.

Olya's appearance was uncommon: dark hair, milk-white skin, and blue eyes.  She was also very kind.

Olga loved roller-skating in the park.  Sometimes even my daughter went skating with her.

On the day of the concert I had a strange foreboding.  We were getting paperwork ready for a meeting and Olga had asked for time off to go to the concert, but when it was time to leave I tried to talk her into staying finishing her work.  I do not know what drove me to do this.  I even promised to buy her a ticket to the same musical for the next day, but she would not listen…

Written by her supervisor, Nadezhda Ivanovna.

Olga and I became friends at work.  She was such a happy person!  Whenever I was on nights she would come by in the evening to drink coffee and chat with me.  We often spent our days off together, and had the same friends.  Olga lived next to Sokolniki Park and loved to roller skate there.  It was one of her favorite activities and she was pretty good at it.  Her boyfriend sometimes let her drive his car, even though she did not have a license.  I always yelled at her, telling her that she was taking a big chance, but in general she did not take chances.

It was a long time ago, certainly, but I still remember our last encounter.  I went to work and she went to the concert.  She was walking down the stairs all dressed in black, and I cried out rather loudly.  But she did not turn around.  No biggie, I thought, we will see each other tomorrow and she will tell me everything.  But we never did…


Written by her friend, Natalya.

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