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Zayatskaya, Natalia
Written by По материалам СМИ   
Суббота, 08 Август 2009

Age 49; from Moscow, Russia.


1Natalya Valentinovna Zayatskaya was an accountant.  On October 23rd, 2002, she went with a friend went to the musical ‘Nord-Ost'.  She died on November 24th, a month after the storming of the theater.  On that day an official representative from the Moscow health department reported that the cause of death for 49-year-old Natalya Zayatskaya was «a cerebellar hematoma» caused by a severe blow to the head.  According to him, «the woman was in very severe condition and passed away during the day in the emergency department of the Sklifosovsky Institute.  Physicians long fought for her life, but, unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done.»

Natalya was interred at the Khovansky cemetery on November 26th, 2002.  At exactly 4 pm a bus from ‘Ritual' drove up.  First they unloaded wreaths.  There were very many.   «To Natashenka from her dearest», «to Natasha from her coworkers», «Eternal Memory»…  Later they unloaded a simple wooden coffin, not covered by anything and still smelling of the woodshop.  The funeral procession went through an autumnal lane leading to the cemetery.

«She was my aunt,» said a young fellow, but his voice was scarcely audible over the continuous cawing of the crows.  «Once I had a serious problem and asked my aunt for help.  She did, and for this I am eternally grateful, but back then I never thanked her.  I thought that I would go and buy a present and come over for tea sometime.  But then that act of terror and the gas…»

The young man standing on the frozen earth stepped forward and laid carnations at the deceased's feet.

At the church service for Natalya the priest said: «Lord forgive her all and take her into Your Kingdom».  One of her friends wiped away tears with a shawl.  I do not think that He should forgive her; she should forgive all of us for not being able to save her.  Forgive us, Natalya.


From various articles in the press.

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1. Written by Артемий, on 02-05-2009 20:52
Царство небесное Наталье…

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