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Milovidova, Nina
Written by Ольга и Дмитрий Миловидовы, родители   
Понедельник, 05 Февраль 2007
Age 14; Russia, Moscow.

Nina was our first-borne, and the support and friend of her mother.  They had the same interests, the same things, and sometimes the neighbors mistook them for one another.  When her brother Maksim was born, she became like a second mother to him.  He called their mother: “MA-MA”, while Ninochka was “MA”.

 Ninochka studied mathematics in a good Moscow school, and attended the music school as well.  She traveled with the school choir all over Europe — the choir of the Mamontov children’s art school participated in many international competitions.  Sometimes I pitied Nina, that she had so little time to herself.

Ninochka was never a “hothouse flower”.  In the summer she went on trips – descending into caves and kayaking down rapids, and she took tours.  In the winter Nina skied and swam.  ON THAT DAY, she went to the musical just after swimming.

Our children grew up independent and we trusted them.  Five years ago their mother was hospitalized after being burned, and it was upon the nine year-old shoulders of this little homemaker Nina that the burden fell.  She did not miss school, but was able to do the housework and help her little sister.  Years later, we could trust the two girls to watch after their two year-old brother while their we went to see the musical.  On October 23rd, however, we sent our daughters to see this fairy tale about Russia, the musical ‘Nord-Ost’.  Nina read Kavernin’s book, “Two Captains”, the night before, and was ready to explain the historical moments reflected in the spectacle to her little sister.

It was too bad that Ninochka grew up so early and looked much older than her 14 years.  After the capture of the theater, when the terrorists decided to release the children, she led her little sister out (and in so doing, saved her), but the terrorists made her remain in the hall.

Nina never knew that she would soon have another little sister – Nadezhda (Hope).  We explained to our son that Ninochka, his “MA”, was now working as a star in heaven.  He believed this – after all, she was often gone from home for many days: concerts, competitions, off on excursions with her class.  It still seems to us that she is somewhere nearby, supporting us.

She was never able to create anything, to become complete, to fall in love – she was only getting ready.  It is possible that her talents might not have found fertile ground, might not have blossomed.  But we are certain of this: she would have been a TRUE PERSON and a GOOD MOTHER.  Is that not really a lot?

PS:  While the representatives of the operational headquarters were talking about the absence of children among the dead, our daughter’s body had been hidden in a bus that never left the square.  From their report: “on 26.10.2002 at 13:00 at the theatrical center on Dubrovka, the body was removed for examination from the #11 bus license #R980TO99RUS”.

Written by her parents, Olga Milovidova and Dmitry Milovidov.

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  Comments (4)
1. Written by Саша, on 13-02-2007 10:56
14 лет? Ой. Что тут скажешь, совсем и не пожила даже. Представляю себе, просто даже сделать 130 белых журавликов. А тут 130 прерванных жизней…
2. Written by Александр, on 25-10-2007 16:08
Если сказать все что думаю, боюсь меня не поймут…так что не буду никого обижать…конечно жаль)…очень жаль
3. Written by Илья Гинзбург website, on 21-11-2007 13:26
Пять лет прошло. Больно. Читаешь, смотришь фотографии — и очень больно. И легче не становится.
4. Written by Дмитрий, on 10-04-2008 00:15
Эта боль не забывается никогда. Конечно жаль, 14 лет, так мало. Убив Нину, наши враги сгубили наши надежды на лучшее будущее. Дмитрий, насколько я знаю, вы боритесь за справедливость, я скажу вам так: Боритесь, пока не добьётесь результата и не сдавайтесь

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