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The events in Moscow. Whoordered a taxi to Dubrovka?
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, 25 2002
The events in Moscow. Whoordered a taxi to Dubrovka? Whyis no one negotiating?
The whole country continues to tensely follow the drama unfolding in the capital. Thefirst days of the standoff tick by. Whathas been done? Whatare they getting ready to do? Andmost importantly WHO is going to do it?
What happened to Putin on Wednesday night probably has never happened to any other government or leader. Well, maybe something similar happened during the days of the Tartar Timir Bulatovich, the successor who changed the profession (to retiree) of Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible. LinBiao, the successor to the Great Helmsman, in his day also faced a difficult dilemma. Butall of them, including today's (and yesterday's) colleagues of Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin), never had to make a decision of similar complexity.
The latest example: 11/09/2001. Bushback then had a truly hard time like the eagle in the commercial for Montana jeans, George, our frightened friend, hovered over a sodden America. Hissmart dad saved the day back then, but not every president has such a father standing behind him, and in our complex world there are battering rams for skyscrapers, and bombings in theaters and supermarkets are a common thing. Itis not because among the Western politicians there has not been anyone serious for decades, just finger puppets just in case something happens. Itis not because in 1999an old man voluntarily left the political stage, for which he once even shot up Parliament. Didhe feel something coming?
Today it is scary for people sitting in the ill-fated theater. Anxiety for the fate of the hostages by their loved ones is understandable. Yes, anxiety, anger, and indignation: WHY? Theemotions, which are now being experienced by the guys in the Kremlin, however, cannot be characterized by a single epithet: there is confusion and some indifference, or something
Bush on September 9th (sic) did not have to make a decision people had already died. Buthad the Chechens (God forbid!) killed the hostages it would have been much simpler for the Kremlin. V.V. (Putin) would have spoken to the press with a stern face and added another of his aphorisms about toilets (ed. Note: in a speech about combating terrorists, President Putin used a gang expression, ‘wipe them out on the toilet’). Andthat's all. Thetopic would be closed. Buthere the people are still alive. Theyare waiting for help and someone needs to make a decision. Thesituation is further complicated by the fact that the theater is not on the bottom of the Barents Sea, so it will be difficult to convince the country that the Chechens actually killed people on Wednesday evening. Andthe people in the theater are not the same: the Kremlin might be able to shut up the mother who did not have five hundred bucks to bribe her son's way out of the army with fifty thousand, but what can the Kremlin boys offer some mob boss who just lost his family at Nord-Ost? Willit be only Chechens that he starts to shoot?
Apparently the deepest buttocks today are located on Borovitsky Hill (in the Kremlin).They are all sitting there and pondering. Butthey need to do something. Within the first hours after the hostage crisis began, the ambassadors of almost every country whose citizens were in the theater had already arrived at the scene. Andthey were released the Germans, the French, the Austrians. Forthe sake of two or three citizens from their countries ambassadors drop everything and rush to save their president's voters. Itis understandable even if we discard all moral impulses, empathy, etc., it is clear that our ambassador will not come on Dubrovka Thursday was his last working day. Twopeople and ambassadors go and save them, although in the grand scheme of things, what can he really help out there? Sowhy when it comes down to a minimum of five hundred Russian lives, no wise*** at the top has gotten off butt and come to the scene of the drama? Onthe contrary, the boys have denied entry to Red Square. Butthat is right, what if suddenly back at the Kremlin someone takes them hostage, who then will run the state?
Caught in a difficult situation, Putin could show everyone his friends and foes what he's worth. Forexample, he could order 5or 10thousand Chechens living in Moscow to be taken to Dubrovka and promise the terrorists that he would shoot their countrymen with machine guns. TheWest would certainly holler, but nobody said a word when Bush leveled Afghanistan and is now going to wipe out Iraq. Theblack*** Diaspora would protest, and the media, but the relatives of the hostages would close these windpipes. Themain thing is that V.V. would be supported by the entire nation! True, this is all from the realm of fantasy. Who, and most importantly, whom, will Putin have taken out to be shot at Dubrovka? Kobzon went there to negotiate, he's a peacemaker, you know. Ishe there to sing songs to the terrorists, or to put pressure on them through his channels? Ina country where the authorities are literally fused with the minority mafias, threatening to shoot Chechen hostages would be the same as promising revenge on the terrorists by sawing off his own arm. Orleg.
The authorities are silent, inactive. Theguys in helmets should not bustle around the theater where the President must make his address to the nation. Calmdown. Propose a plan of action. Yes, but what could Putin offer, to withdraw the troops?This would be tantamount to his dismissal, because did he not just flap something about toilets? Washe wrong?
Even in his speech he lacked courage. ThePresident is working, according to ORT. Wesee that. Forfour years he's been working. Allnight on television they chase after meetings in the Kremlin: V.V., Patrushev, Gryzlov, Kasyanov, and Voloshin. Theyare meeting.They are deciding.What?
Something needs to be said about the boys in the pictures. Vladimir Putin, for example, grabs with both hands a cherished inkstand making kind of a barrier. Everyone has made barriers out of their hands to separate them from their collocutors (except Voloshin), but Vladimir Putin did not even let a little pencil escape his mood he immediately grabbed for his writing set. Kasyanov's fingers are pleated none of this concerns him very much. Voloshin strokes his beard he is not needed here at all.That is to say, he is a witness for the father of the bride. Patrushev and Gryzlov placed their hands differently: the left one, on Putin's side, is hiding the right one. Theyare tense, afraid, but also hiding something. AndGryzlov copies the first gesture made by Patrushev. Inmonkeys, for example, all the younger males copy the movements of their seniors in the hierarchy. Judging by the fact that so far no new pictures of the president working have appeared on the air, they are probably still sitting there like this even now. Thequestion: who ordered a taxi to Dubrovka? hangs in the air. Nobody is going to go there.
Here is someone whose actions Ilike, and that is Kazantsev. During the night of Wednesday-Thursday, he hosted a meeting where he stated that incidents of ethnic violence would be harshly suppressed. Thisis a very correct approach from the chief of the southern federal district. Protecting Chechens from the wrath of Russians is needed today. Iwould still recommend that Russia create a special unit to protect black***es, and send it to Moscow, to the ball-bearing factory theater: you never know, maybe the hostages will rebel and start beating up the terrorists.

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