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Terrorism in the 21st Century
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, 11 2010

Thus begins the century.

ImageOn September 11, 2001, at 08:55 in the morning local time, an American Airlines Boeing 767crashes into North Tower of one of the largest buildings in New York City the World Trade Center. In another eighty minutes a second kamikaze rams the South Tower.

A terrible fire starts inside the buildings because of the aviation fuel spilled by the crashes, and the Twin Towers collapse in just an hour.

At 09:43 AM an additional aircraft crashes into the military headquarters of the United States the Pentagon.

At 10:30 AM news agencies report that another aircraft has crashed near Pittsburgh. After a delay it turns out that the terrorists wanted to direct it toward the White House, but passengers prevented this through their heroic actions.

Details became known later, but at first in all countries and on all continents, they are holding their breaths while watching the television screen there, in a live broadcast, they can see the world is crashingdown.

A blow against a symbol.

It was a shock. Theentire world was watching live, how the airliners rammed into the New York World Trade Center towers. Howthe towers burned and collapsed. Howthose unfortunate souls on the upper floors there was no time to save them threw themselves from the towers' windows to escape the heat and smoke as the collapsing buildings. Areporter from one of the news agencies burst into tears live on the air due to the momentous events.

The world changed during this day. Thefact that people around the entire world could see the nightmare in New York drew everyone closer to the tragedy, as did the fact that among the victims of this diabolic act of terror were the citizens of several dozen countries. Thepictures very clearly showed to all that even the strongest and richest country in the world was not safe from terrorism, that the best-equipped intelligence services in the world could not stop a maniac set on changing the world order, and that any one of us could end up in this maniac's sights. Itis simply a matter of chance. Thevalue of a human life turns out to be very little

There is still no complete list of the victims.

Officially about 50thousand people worked in offices of the World Trade Center's twin towers. This is not counting the many visitors and tourists. There are unknown numbers of victims who can still not be identified. The fire in the ruins could not be extinguished for 100days, and it would take several months to move the rubble.

It is estimated that approximately 3,200 were killed in the World Trade Center, and 343firemen and 23policemen from the city of New York also perished in the collapse of the Twin Towers. On the monument placed by the destroyed towers are the names of countries whose citizens became the victims of this act of terror. Among them is Kazakhstan. One name has been made known: Zhanetta Tsoy. She went to America on a Green Card visa that August, and began working for an insurance company located on the 98th floor literally on the eve of the tragedy

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