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Slaves of vengeance
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, 06 2007
By covering up the causes of the tragedy, the state turns a victim into an executioner
Susanna Dudiyeva brought this letter to the editorial desk. Itis about revenge. Howis the Kaloyev case connected with the Beslan tragedy? Perhaps the connection is in the consequences that may or may not occur, and the question about the conditions under which a primitive lust for revenge grows within a man. ReadDudiyeva’s letter, she writes about this, and our readers on the Internet have also discussed it frankly.

The release of V.Kaloyev (ed: the Ossetian native who traveled to Switzerland in 2004to kill the air traffic controller he felt was responsible for the 2002mid-air collision that killed his family) and his homecoming is one of the most talked about topics these days. InRussia, and not only there, the topic is like family, because for families children are the main priority, and are that which is truly sacred and priceless. Vitaly Kaloyev’s act rallied families and raised the bar of men’s responsibility towards their children, and the state’s responsibility towards its citizens.
He is no hero, but neither is he a killer. Hewas a reluctant avenger. Hewas unable to slavishly drive away his feeling of injustice, a feeling caused by the reluctance of the Swiss authorities to get to the bottom of the tragedy, and name the guilty.
Had the Swiss authorities investigated the tragedy over Lake Constance, then P.Nielsen would still be alive and his children would not have been orphaned, and V.Kaloyev would not have become a righteous killer.

We believe that the V.Kaloyev is called a hero, not because he killed Nielsen, but because though his act he brought to light the indifference of the authorities, and forced the organs of justice to get to work.

It is very unfortunate that the Swiss public prosecutor found the parties guilty of the tragedy only after the murder. Thisis something that an absolute majority of Russians can understand, and that is why they call V.Kaloyev a victim, an avenger, a proud Highlander, a real man, and so forth.

We do not condone the killing of Nielsen, but we do condemn those who drove Kaloyev to take this step, those who pushed him to commit a lynching. Weare absolutely convinced that the dead in Lake Constance were the victims of the negligence of Skyguide Airlines, while P.Nielsen, his family, and V.Kaloyev were the victims of a lawlessness public prosecutor.

We sincerely sympathize with the grief of the victims of the crash in the skies over Lake Constance, but we must point out to the Russian authorities that no tragedy is even comparable to the scale of the death, and errors and omissions on the part of public officials, that occurred during the Beslan tragedy. Justlike V.Kaloyev, we too cannot get at the truth about the Beslan tragedy and those responsible for it, even though these facts have long been known.

The causes of the hostage crisis in the school in Beslan were omissions, negligence, lies, and fraud on the part of the anti-terrorism commission chaired by former President of the Ossetian Republic Dzasokhov and his deputy Interior Minister Dzantiyev, and the head of the Ossetian directorate of the FSBA.Andreyev. Theyknew about an impending terrorist attack using a Budennovsk-like scenario (ed: the terrorist capture of a maternity hospital and the mass-murder of 100patients in 1995). These individuals took no steps to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into the territory of the republic, even though they had a real chance to prevent it. Dzasokhov and Dzantiyev, instead, disseminated false information about their full readiness to confront any and all terrorist antics. Weall watched their ‘readiness’ on September 1st, 2004, when terrorists were able to take hostages at the school unhindered.

The deaths of the hostages in Grammar school No. 1were caused by lies about the number of hostages, lies about the absence of terrorist demands and their unwillingness to negotiate, and cowardice and refusal to negotiate on the part of the authorities.

Beslan showed that the presidents of Ossetia and Russia, and many generals and officials, were incompetent in emergency situations. Italso showed just how vain and mediocre the (hostage rescue) operations headquarters (OHQ) was in its ‘activity’. Torshin called it right: a mess. Notonly were the leaders and staff of the OHQ clueless about how to rescue the hostages, they took measures that threatened the hostages’ lives and health. TheOHQ had 52hours to make decisions and commit to action, but can one say that their only correct decisions were in refusing to negotiate and firing upon a crowded school with flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and tanks?

116hostages were burned to death in the school gym. TheOHQ leadership and the Prosecutor General's Office blame this on the fact that firefighters were insufficiently equipped and therefore did not start extinguishing the fire for 2hours and 20minutes afterwards. General Dzgoyev excuses himself by stating that he lacked permission from the headquarters to do anything about the fire. Asyou can see, what specifically caused the deaths of hundreds of people is clear, and it is obvious who is guilty of this. Thegovernment, however, does not want to name them.

For three years we have not been able to break through a barrier of lies and hypocrisy that was built up by Shepelev and Kolesnikov from the Prosecutor General's Office, and maintained by the current leadership of that office.

We are not the only people who need the truth about the Beslan tragedy, however.

The survivors of those killed in the tragedy over Lake Constance need it. Thevictims of Budennovsk, 'Nord-Ost', and all other terrorist attacks need it. Allmothers, fathers, and children, all honest people who are concerned about rampant terrorism, need it.

Only those who are worried about their plush government jobs, and those who merely pretend to fight terrorism, and are unwilling to bear any moral or criminal responsibility, they do not need it. Itis not needed by hundreds of other high-ranking officials, who shared and are sharing bread and salt with all who are to blame for the Beslan tragedy, and who showed their complete lack of talent on September 13, 2004.

This here is bureaucratic solidarity, and it determines the sad and biased outcome of the Beslan case.

If representatives from the Prosecutor General’s Office believe that the Beslan case may be dismissed without determining those who were responsible, and if someone has the impression that we, the victims, will accept any old way of closing the case, then they are sadly mistaken. TheProsecutor General’s Office should remember that there are many men in South Ossetia who will never, and for the sake of no one, trade their loved ones’ deaths, and their honor, for a primitive lie in the interests of known corrupt officials.

We admire the courage of V.Kaloyev, and it is with great effort that we have restrained our men from such emotional action. Theyclench their teeth, waiting for the completion of the investigation. Theyare waiting, not because they believe in the investigation, but by virtue of their law-abiding and naive expectation of objectivity in the investigation.

But who can predict what turn the events will occur when the Beslan case is closed and sent to the archives?


(Reaction to Susanna Dudiyeva's letter):

My first reaction after reading it: the letter is a cry of despair. Inthis cry Ihear blackmail and threats, but Iclearly understand that this is from unbearable grief and despair, spread out over a long period.

Postoronnim V
Kaloyev’s crime even if for understandable reasons was used for the aggrandizement of some media and the ‘Nashists’ (ed: slang for members of the Nasha Rossiya political movement). Butit does not justify the authorities digging its own grave, or at least a grave for some of its representatives. Right now you can put together a bomb out of almost nothing, taking advantage of numerous reference books on the Internet.

The idea of the article is clear, and dangerous, if someone were to take advantage of its hidden advice and use it not against the government, but against others.
I remember not too long ago there was a young man who read a lot of crazy stuff and heard a lot of advice from his senior colleagues and went into a synagogue and starting stabbing people left and right.

I think that Putin is personally responsible for the Beslan tragedy because he was the one who made the decision (not) to negotiate, and fire grenade launchers (Savelyev’s report in 'Novaya Gazeta'). Itwas a bald-face lie and nobody thought about the children. Thequestion arises: can Vladimir Putin put himself in someone else’s shoes? Itseems not. Toobad.

A special thanks to ‘Mothers of Beslan’ for the memory of their children and their fight for truth.

“We admire the courage V.Kaloyev” Excuse me, what courage? Killing an unarmed man with a knife? Howare they related the plane crash and the seizure of children? Whatis the point of this article, a veiled threat to Putin? Nielsen is Putin and Kaloyev is the ‘Mothers’? I’m personally disappointed. Quite.

This letter is a cry in the wilderness. Noone will respond. Noone will help.
Indeed, the real Russian president noted the merit of refusing to negotiate, and in Russia no one has jurisdiction over the real authorities.

But Iheard no blackmail, no threats. Justa warning about the consequences, which neither you nor I, nor Susanna, would be able to influence.

They write about precautionary notes in the letter from Beslan. It’s true they are there. Andit seems to me that this Party and its leader and its functionaries won’t be able to serve out its new term in Parliament or the Senate in peace. Here! They’re already WARNING

Well, people who lost children and brothers ALREADY came to ‘Nord-Ost’ and, what is quite scary, they came to Beslan (located in North Ossetia from where Russian heavy bomber aircraft flew on carpet bombing runs)

No one, however, dares justify terrorism. Why, then, do they justify this killer, who in premeditation brought with him a knife and with particular cruelty inflicted 17stab wounds in his victim, why is he justified and glorified as a righteous avenger in unison with the central government and its ‘Nashist’ mouthpieces?

Yes, they even say that he was needed in Beslan as well, or more precisely, after it. Why? Sothat he can stab children someplace else?

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