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Putin: Everything was done right at ‘Nord-Ost’ and Beslan
Written by Грани.ру   
Суббота, 31 Май 2008
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is certain the right decisions were made during the terrorist attacks in Beslan and at 'Nord-Ost'. In Chechnya the government has also made the right decisions. This was said during an interview with French newspaper ‘Monde’, as reported by ‘RIA Novosti’.

“I am confident that if we had tried to solve them differently, than they would still be going on,” Putin said. “One might have expected a more efficient operation on the part of our special forces,” he said. “But it is quite clear that we needed to prevent these attempts at destabilizing the nation. It is quite clear that, in every country in the world, as soon as they make concessions to terrorists, they ultimately suffer greater losses than would have arisen during the conduct of special operations.”
According to him, concessions to terrorists eventually lead to a collapsing government and an increased number of victims.

Putin also said that individuals are being held responsible for crimes in Chechnya, “regardless of whether they were in command, or where they previously worked or served. This also applies to former rebels, and it applies to Russian servicemen. Several court cases have ended, resulting in a number of individuals being convicted of criminal offenses. No matter if they were officers of our federal agencies, the federal government, or officers in our army — they are in prison,” Putin said.

According to him, it was a difficult decision for the judiciary. “Because, despite evidence of crimes they (the military) had committed, the juries had repeatedly acquitted them in spite of evidence of what had been committed. This tells you what the mood is in Russian society, especially after the atrocities that the terrorists have committed against our civilians,” said Putin.

In the autumn of 2002, a suicide attack took place inside the Moscow theatrical center on Dubrovka, where there was a showing of the popular musical ‘Nord-Ost’. 130 hostages were killed. During the assault 40 terrorists were destroyed and almost 800 hostages were rescued. The ‘Nord-Ost’ organization, uniting former hostages as well as relatives of the slain hostages, seeks a fair investigation into the circumstances of the terror attack and the hostage rescue. Relatives of the slain hostages claim that a large number of casualties were due to the incompetence of the authorities, and they demand that criminal proceedings be initiated against the leaders of the operational headquarters in charge of the hostage rescue.

In September of 2004, terrorists seized a school in Beslan. More than 1,100 people were taken hostage — almost everyone who had come to the ‘Knowledge Day’ ceremony on the first day of classes. As a result of the terrorist attack, 331 were killed and 172 injured. Relatives of the victims united into the ‘Beslan Mothers’ organization (later ‘Voice of Beslan’). They also demand an impartial inquiry into the actions of the authorities.

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  Comments (2)
1. Written by любовь, on 02-06-2008 05:14
Люди! А Вам не страшно, что В «Норд-Осте» и Беслане все было сделано правильно"? (Путин)
Ведь это значит, что и в будущем будет и газ, и танки, и гранатометы — возможно против Ваших детей, Ваших родных и любимых. Не моргнув глазом бывший гарант, а фактически действующий и в настоящее время, подтвердил свой старый тезис («никаких переговоров с террористами»), объяснив французам (а заодно и гражданам России), что «уступки террористам в конечном итоге разваливают государство и увеличивают количество жертв»… И все повторится сначала…
2. War
Written by Ternin website, on 11-09-2009 07:52

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