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Play about Nord-Ost may be shown in Beslan and Italy
Written by Росбалт   
Суббота, 12 Апрель 2008
MOSCOW, April 11. The play ‘In their hands’ (‘Everything is in your hands’ — Editor, Nord-ost.org), from the screenplay by British playwright Natalya Pelevayn, is about the tragedy in the Dubrovka theater. It has been shown in Dagestan, and may be performed in Beslan as well as in Italian in Italy, said Pelevayn in an interview with ‘RIA Novosti’.

The premiere of the play in Russian took place in Makhachkala on April 4th, 2008. The action revolves around conversations between a female journalist taken hostage by terrorists in the theater, and a female suicide bomber. Actors depicting suicide bombers and armed men in camouflage stand at the exits during the performance. Originally the play was performed in English in London, while the show in Dagestan was the first time it had been done in Russian.
Skanderbek Tulparov, director of the play, reported that, after the premiere in Makhachkala, further shows had been banned in the country on orders from Dagestan President Mukhu Aliyev. The president denies giving such an order.
“Ella Kesayeva from ‘Voice of Beslan’ officially said that Beslan would be pleased to host this show,” said Pelevayn. “And soon the Dagestan Theatre will receive an invitation from there. I’ve already got a request from Italy. They’re translating the play. I don’t know how long it will take, but sooner or later the show will be in Italian.”

Recall that the president of Dagestan said that his country was selected to hold the premiere, “because Dagestan is the place, after Chechnya, which, according to foes of the country, is necessary to destabilize.”

“I may take him to court for that,” said Pelevayn. “If President Aliyev thinks that I’ll just let him toss such accusations at me and that it’ll all pass, well that’s not the case. These are unfounded, terrible accusations, because he’s talking about destabilizing the region, and this from the mouth of the president of the region. And because this has been in the press I think that I’ll have to sue or to request an official denial on his part.”

The tragedy in the theater on Dubrovka took place in the autumn of 2002. 40 bandits stormed a building in Moscow where the popular musical ‘Nord-Ost’ was being performed, and took 912 people hostage. 130 hostages died as a result of the terrorist attack.

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